Writing VLAN program from scratch

Hi guys. A while back I played around with a few VLAN programs trying to play a pirated game with a friend; COD Zombies. We could not fool the computers into thinking we were actually on a LAN so we ended up having to pay $10 each so we can play.

Basically I am suggesting a project for VLAN that passes off as LAN. I have not looked into any security issues associated with that.

Furthermore there is no limit on where the project can go; We can add features as the group deems appropriate.

YetFurthermore :D we can meet new people and perhaps work on more projects together.

My main goal is to learn and make a useful tool, however I am not an open source fanatic, if we decide to make profit from this then that would make the project better from me. Anyways I do not want to step ahead of myself here.

If anyone whom is interested has a way of organizing all of us so we can communicate effectively please feel free to take that step and setup whatever is needed.

-Thanks and Have Fun.
Just set up a VPN between you and your friend.
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