Show/Hide controls based on Multiselect Listbox

I am new to windows form based application. I am designing a windows from with a multiselect listbox and textboxes. I have to show and hide textboxes based on the selection.
for ex:
If the user select 2nd option, i have to show textbox2, if the user selects option3, i have to show textbox3 and to hide textbox2. If the user selects options2,3, i have to show both of the textboxes2,3.

Can anyone suggest me that, how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.
Considering that no one has replied to this since you've posted it about 2 hours ago. I'd advice you to start reading up on the WinAPI that you'll end up needing to create a start for yourself. PS: Many people wont do your work for you so that might be a reason why no one has responded.

On a related note. You can start learning about the WinAPI here:
Or here:

I'd recommend the second link if you're also a beginner to c++ that has read the tutorials in this website.
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