College programming challenge

Dear All,

This question part of my College programming challenge.It is just started today.OK.
The Organiser have given a 5.EXE file. The participant have to write a program which is(output) INPUT.BIN. What is this INPUT.BIN should do?
When execute Together with 5.EXE file,like this
It is should start Windows Calculator(Calc.exe) which crashing the 5.exe.
OS: Windows XP SP3.(assume 32bit)

I have a Win32 C++ program (EXE)/VS 2010 which launches Calculator not sure how to make that EXE into Input.Bin.

Further, have to know(some kind of reverse engineering)What is EXE actually do?

Now,confused How to create Bin from Exe file. Am I missing something... Please advise.

Many thanks.

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