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Hi all,

I would really really appreciate some help with winUSB. I wasn't sure where else to post this. I wasn't able to find much help on this topic elsewhere. So, if you know of a better place for me to post this, please let me know. And, if anyone has experience with this please help me out.

I followed all the steps that were listed in msdn website

I tried to run it on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010. Even though it compiles with no errors, I cannot pass the function SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo, and it errors out (I think error #259). I don't know how to pass this error.

However I am not sure of the few steps in the process:

1. What does msdn talk about with "A signed catalog file for the package. This file is required to install WinUSB on x64 versions"? What is a signed catalog package? How do I set this?

2. It also talks about making some directory (For example, c:\UsbDevice) to put the .inf file in there ! But how does my VS project know that I am pointing to c:\UsbDevice, and how does it know what the name of the ".inf' file should be? what should I call the .inf file? And how to point the project to it?

3. Inside the .inf file there are two GUID numbers. I can get the Class GUID number by going to the Device Manager. But how do I set the Device Interface GUID? Please help. Is is possible that the error that I am getting is because I don't have one of the following items set up correctly?
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