How to use CAS authentication client

Hello to everyone!

I have the task to communicate our topical application(C++) with a distant server and retrieve data.
The server uses CAS as authentication system.
The question is if there is an example of C++ code for CAS client.
I mean a code that does what is required for the communication from client side(send key,receive ticket and use the ticket)

Any opinion and answer would be very very usefull..

thank you in advance
There is libcas (open-source C library):
Thank you for replying!
In order to be sure that i told it the right way i want to clarify that i dont want to create my own CAS server but only communicate with a CAS server as web service client(rest)
The web service-server has a CAS authentication system
And i want to be authenticated and take some data with rest

Do i realy need a library?
The library is a client only library as far I can tell you, never used it.

I suppose you could write a client yourself, but why do you want to reinvent the wheel ? Try the library and if does not work as expected then you could write your own.
ok thank you very much!
i will try it..
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