Visual C++ and API

All, I am getting back into programming with C++ after an extended time away from the field. I did a little GUI programming with Delphi many years ago but never with C++. Most of my work was using DOS in a real time, process control environment.

Can anybody recommend an API for use with Microsoft's Visual C++ Express 2010 that I can use for the GUI? (cheap or free is good ! )

When I worked under Delphi, the API created a DLL file. Can I assume it is still done the same way?

- Bill
You'll need to use a framework (which is what Delphi is, it isn't just a DLL). There are a few around that others have mentioned. It may help to search the forum, it's a common question.

But there are portable ones:

I can't vouch for them as I don't have much in-depth experience with them myself.
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