Advice on talking to device

Hi guys, i'm looking for a bit of advice on creating a program that can read and write files to a usb device using visual studio 10.

Getting the program to talk to the device is my first step and was wondering if you could offer any advice on doing so. As you can tell i'm pretty new to this but would really appreciate any help.
If by "using Visual Studio 10" you mean using the existing Windows API, then then you should check out Windows Portable Devices (WPD) -- "[the technology which] enables computers to communicate with attached media and storage devices."

Windows Portable Devices (Windows)

WPD Application Programming Interface (Windows)

I've only used it a bit and didn't find it to be esp. friendly. So the open source alternative what ResidentBiscuit suggested (libusb) is prob. worth checking out (I don't know anything about it...) Esp. if you're new to COM (Microsoft's Component Object Model) programming, as the WPD API is COM-interface based,

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