Combine string into object!

I'm writing the code for slot machine using class type. And the professor said that I need to combine 3 strings into an object and return it. I have tried like 3 days till now but didn't get the program running. Can someone help me with my issue, Thanks so much! here is the pull() and thePull() methods:
TripleString pull()
TripleString object;


return object;

// Get the strings randomly.
TripleString thePull(TripleString &object)

return object;
And I have another question, is global-scope method different from member of class method? And why does my program not print out any strings to the screen as well as the calculations if the user wins. Thanks
Have you considered using numbers to represent the positions on each wheel? If you want strings, you can convert them to strings when you display the values.
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