Printing 'to printers' in windows.


I have a text file (in the future it might be a PDF, but right now a TXT will do to learn) that I want to print in my usb001 printer . I have its drivers installed but I have absolutely zero idea on what to do to print said txt with it.
Surprisingly enough, I dont even know what or where to start looking for some knowledge on the subject, too.

Can somebody help me on how to proceed? I have zero idea. Am I missing some concepts here? Maybe lack of a library that does the job for me?
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I'm also having trouble with this...
So i did a lot of reading yesterday on printing and what not but i mainly wanted to print reports and not graphics and pictures. What i resorted to was to use Rave reports for my tasks. It already has built in print functions so i guess i'm sorted for now...
hi all. I am new in C++.
Please tell me how this code work:

cout<< char (988);
cout<<"\n"<< char(28888)<<"\n";

In the console screen, it printed 3 symboys. What is char(number)?
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You need to write a Driver mostly Kernel level Driver. For you to do so you need WDK (Windows Driver Development Kit). Then sign it if you are using it for x64 bit architecture. I suggest you make the Driver in x84 bit architecture environment then make a User-mode win32 application to communicate with the driver and send the resource data to it then if you did this steps correctly you may succed. Also No... I am not going to tell you in depth since you are clearly not ready for it.
When I made my OS my OS needed few 10,000's of Lines to make my Driver (Implemented in original Source code) to function and make it HQ or else my Printer would mess up.

I suggest you try move very slowly.
Or, you could use a library that already has this done.
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