App for Barcode Scanner (Accept input and place it into specific window/app

I'm looking to implement a barcode scanner into a shipping process.

I have a barcode scanner attached via USB to a Windows 7 PC.

Right now: Whenever a barcode is scanned (Sales Order Number) it types in the number or value that it scanned to whatever window is active at the moment in Windows. (Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook, whatever is opened and active)

What I need: I'd like to direct any input from the scanner, no matter what window is active at the moment of scan, to a specific application: UPS OZ Link. (Shipping Software)

Lastly I'd like it to automatically send an Enter keystroke to submit the value that has been scanned and added to OZ Link.

Any insight is extremely helpful, thank you!
I know a good barcode site. It provides many kinds of barcode generators and readers. Last time what I used are these two barcode generators, you may take a look to find what you want:
According to what you state,my suggestion is a free barcode reader and scanner whick have been in my possession for months.
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