I am developing a application using c. Using this application someone can do some operations. Now I want to give my application as a API (I don't want to give .c files). So how can I do this? In my application I am also using some ".a" files (e.x : libftp.a) but I don't know how to create this kind of files. Please help me.

Thank you.
You can always create dll file, and just give users header file with extern prototypes so they can use your code. You can search this site for info about dll s :)
Hi tath,

Thanks for the reply. Your post is useful for me. But in my case my application is a pos terminal application. In that case " ArmToolchain " is the compiling tool. Basically I developed an application to access SAM (Security Access Module). Now I have to give this code to third party to develop their application. So that's why I need this API development process.Is it possible with the dll files? I mean if I create a dll file, link it as a library on a sample project and finally compile it then I will get the single bin file?

Thank you.
From what i know, you can merge dll into bin file, but that would require digging in linker settings.

More fit for you is creating typical static library (.lib, .a). Just look on the internet (or here) how to setup lib project and then test it.

I can't help you more with it, since i only created dll for my projects.
Hi tath,

Thank you for the help. Finally i created a ".a" file and link it into my project. Now it's working properly.

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