problem with std::thread

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im trying to do a c++11 tutorial on threading, but i dont think code::blocks (i know its not a compiler but it comes in a package with mingw already installed in it) has it yet, even though i got it post c++11. i am compiling with -std=c++11
If your compiler doesn't support it, you can use boost instead, it's just a namespace change.
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its difficult to set up with code blocks
You have 5 options:

1) Find and install a compiler that supports C++11 threads. Configure C::B to use it.

2) Install boost and configure C::B to use it.

3) Install some other threading lib and configure C::B to use it

4) Use some SDK already installed on your system that has threading support (ex: WinAPI)

5) Don't use multithreading

EDIT: Hopefully this answers your question. But it's hard to tell whether it does or not because you didn't actually ask a question.
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