Flowchart to source code project?

So here's an idea for a project that I might make.
The idea is to ask user to input a flowchart and then produce its equivalent source code.

The approach is to
1)get an input from the user via a picture editor(code can be easily available)
2) once the flowchart is fully constructed, each box(I/O, conditions, data manipulation, etc) is identified
3) once the boxes are identified, they are converted into source code.

The part with the problem is 2. How to identify those boxes... Basically, I haven't done graphics in this depth before in C++. So for the picture editor, the code might be available and even allowed since it isn't the part of the course. But to identify boxes inside the console screen, what would it take?
Can this be done in 3- 4 weeks? Team of 3 people.
P.S. I have used many graphics.h functions...
Thanks in advance...
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