Learning C#, with MS Visual Studio, to get into .NET Programming?

I am new to .NET Programming, I want to learn C++/CLI. So, to get started, someone recommended C#.
I purchased the Book "Head First C#" and I am using MS Visual Studio.
Now, Visual Studio has everything built-in, like if you want to create a windows for, it's just a matter of drag and drop, it generates code in the background.
What, I want to ask is , whether it is OK, to proceed with this approach? Or, Should I know the Code, Visual Studio is automatically generating?
creating windows forms/windows is fine. i had a high school class in c# and you there are some pretty kool things you can learn doing the drag and drop features. Like you can make mean scientific calculator or 3d object manipulator.

however, if you really want to get to know c#, c++, or programming in general. You should learn by using command prompts. create command programs. basically just straight up coding. Learning the basic conventions, syntax, and learning how to manage your lines of code is essential. Also, commenting your lines of code makes it easier for others to follow.

Since you are using c#, c# is "Object-Orientated" Programming Language. Meaning you write your code using "classes."

here's is a great place to read up on c#: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd460654.aspx
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