compilers not working

Well i am starting to learn c++ and i seem to be having problems. I started with dev c++ , however it didn't respond to #include <iostream> at first. I then tried code::blocks and installed the version bundled with mingw and now it isn't building at all. Can anyone help or recommend a different compiler. Thanks to anyone who helps.
1. Which platform are you on? (Windows, Linux, MAC)?
2. Is it necessary to use the gcc/mingw compiler?
1. I'm using Windows
2.Well code::Blocks doesn't seem to be able to compile without a seperate compiler that is specified.

Thanks for the answer ,and also sorry for being a bit late.
@taylw007, have you set the path for C::B? It should be able to compile. Just follow the instruction in C::B page. I am using C::B and mingw too.
No problem...

If I use windows, I always use the Visual C++ compiler (with Visual C++ as my IDE)...

If I use Linux, I use Code::Blocks with gcc...

I, too, have experienced some problems when installing Code::Blocks or Dev++ with the MinGW compiler on windows, but the bundled versions should have automatically configured all the paths and all...!
What is the error on Code::Blocks?
Bloodshed Dev-C++ is Outdated.
You should use Orwell Dev-C++ ( )
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