Proportional content resizing during window resizing

Hey guys,

I'm new to windows programing and am currently studying charles petzhold's book.
I have a program that draws a simple line using wm_lbuttondown, wm_mousemove, wm_lbuttonup events, and everything works great. However, upon resizing the window, the content( the drawn line ) does not rescale proportionally to resizing the window - and I really need this feature.
My first thought was to implement a rescaling function for my line but it turns out I have to somehow use the mapping mode, the MM_ANISOTROPIC as far as I remember and use the conversion from logical units to device units. And this somehow should work for rescaling content proporionally when resizing the window. Does anybody have a clue how to do this this way and how to set the needed coordinates? I'd be very grateful for your help.
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