Replacing _mingw.h in DOOM source code

I recently downloaded the original DOOM source code (yes, DOOM 1) and would like to mess around with it. I use the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE. When I opened the code up and tried to compile it, I ran into a number of problems. I've fixed a lot of them but there's one that's really got me stuck.

A number of the DOOM header files include unistd.h. Unistd.h includes getopt.h, which in turn includes _mingw.h. unistd.h and getopt.h are not part of the DOOM source code. They found their way onto my computer with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, as they should have. What is incredibly interesting is that _mingw.h did not find its way onto my computer. Microsoft included unistd.h and getopt.h with Visual Studio, but failed to include _mingw.h, which getopt.h relies on. Odd, no?

My question is this: is there any file I can include in place of _mingw.h, getopt.h, or unistd.h in order to get DOOM one step closer to compiling?
mingw is a port of several tools of the GCC compiler to windows. I suggest just compiling it with mingw instead O:
Assuming using MinGW, which includes setting the project up with cmake, is too much hassle, do I have any other options?
If you remove the includes that don't exist, can you fix the code that doesn't compile?
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