Visual Studio and Cocos2d-x

Hey guys, I've recently decided to learn some cocos2d-x and I'm having some issues with getting everything to work properly. There's one problem in particular which is really holding me back.

My main problem is that I cannot run the executable files developed through Visual Studio express and cocos2d-x. When I try to run them the app crashes and windows gives me the "Program has crashed" message box. I can however debug them with no problem.

I installed cocos2d-x by unzipping their package then running the .exe and .bat installation files.

When I start a project, I open the .vcxproj in a copy of the template/win32proj folder. I read in the tutorial that projects are supposed to be started through the .sln in the main directory, but for some reason when using that file I get error messages when trying to run the program through the debugger.

Am I loading my projects incorrectly, and if so is that causing my problems with running the executable files that I compile?
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