I need people to aid me in my game!!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have idea of this 3D game an I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to form a team and help me publish it.

The game is an apocalyptic based survival game with epic story line. Here is just a few minuets of the game....

Opening Cutscene:
Scene 1
Dante (Player) opens his eyes while drifting in and out of reality. He is in a dark room with blood scattered along the walls and floor. You hear explosions, screaming, riots, and gunfire as you fall unconscious.
Scene 2
Amy – “Dante are you alright?”
Dante – “Yeah just had a rough night.”
Multiple car alarms go off
Amy – “That’s strange.”
Dante – “I’ll go check it out.”
Gameplay sequence 1:
A sense of dread overwhelms your body as you awaken battered and bruised. As you stand up your legs buckle and you hold onto the wall. You hear a strange voice.
Unknown– “Is anyone here?”
A sense of hope fills you as you hear the voice.
Dante – “Adam I’m over here!”
Adam – “Brother, can you help me?!”
Dante – “I’ll try!”
Player Movement
The rest of what i have will remain unknown to everyone other than those who are truly interested in helping me.

If you're interested pm me a little info of who you are an what skills you have that will help me an those who plan on helping.

If i think i will need you (which will be nearly everyone) i will send you the rest of the story that i currently have.

Thank you everyone who is willing and able!!!! :D
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