import dll from a dll

I have a problem. I have a dll called mfdm.dll that is called from a vb.exe. and this works.
I make a second dll import10.dll and in this I create a function junk()
void FAR PASCAL junk()
long j;
//end of junk

in mfdm.dll I declare the function by:
__declspec(dllimport) void _stdcall junk();
before the function of mfdm that calls junk()

if I DON'T put the import10.lib into the project by add item it doesn't find the dll and gives me a link error.

if I DO put import10.lib into the project it now will compile successfully but when I run it (from the mfdm.dll) it says it can't find mfdm.dll and displays the correct pathfilename.

it seems that the vb calls nolonger work although they explicitly call the mfdm.dll using its pathfilename

I don't know what to do. HELP!

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