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copy an dll into C:\Windows\System32
Hi Guys, I've got another problem. I'm on a project in which i want to use a dll. So i did copy th...
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Screen capture protection
I want to protect my application from screen capturing. I know this question has been asked befo...
[1 reply] : That "protection" is not done on purpose. In fact, that's a bug of usi... (by S G H)
Find current application that is playing audio.
Is it possible to find out what application is currently playing audio. Also I would like to get a H...
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working with structs
Hey everyone, I am fairly new to c++, but I have to use it for my MSc project, however, I stuck i...
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Problem with formatsize
I have this function in Builder C++ 6 AnsiString temp; AnsiString Drive = AnsiString(D...
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by lmsmi1
Tab Controls?
I've got commctrl.h included, comctl32 library linked and common controls initialized. Now what? The...
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WDK Unknown bug?
Hi, Normally I program Drivers for Windows using command-line: cd [Project Location] build ...
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Disassembling wtih VS2010
The goal is simple: to take some existing (let's say windows "Minesweeper.exe"?).exe and put it thro...
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by zydgyy
about new object in a thread using windows fucntion
When i create a thread with windows CreateThread function,and i new some objects in this thread,whe...
[1 reply] : good question mate. my instinct is saying: NO, windows won't delete t... (by Rechard3)
DirectX Error
I am learning DirectX. I have just finished my first application, but I have ran into a problem. I...
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Best prank you know
So what is the best prank to scare the crap out of friends. NOTICE: It must not cause any harm to ...
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Direct3D9 Surfaces
I'm starting out with Direct3D 9, reading books and the documentation. I was wondering whether Direc...
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Using HID to talk to USB devices
I've been asked to put together a debug type program that will find and talk to a piece of USB hardw...
[1 reply] : i think i saw a library on source forge (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
CriticalSection Problems
Hello, i have often random crashes while entering the critical section. InitializeCriticalSection(...
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fwrite problem
Iam trying to write a TCHAR array value to a file.But i am not getting it correctly.I should get th...
[1 reply] : 1. The code you posted does not compile when _UNICODE is defined. Nor ... (by andywestken)
by j yugo
cout << highest and lowest
I am trying to display the highest and lowest numbers of the user input. this is what i have so far....
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Get the return value of a windows explorer
What I want to do is get the directory of a file. I want to open a Windows explorer, have the user s...
[5 replies] Last: BREAKING NEWS: I just got it fixed: bool OpenMusic() { OPENFILENA... (by Superdude)
Build Dependencies
I've encountered a weired problem and don't know how to solve it. I'm using VS2012. My problem is t...
[2 replies] Last: Indeed I have. But I found out the reason. The trick is to Clean & Bu... (by Kronos86m)
by xenoha
default constructor problems
I am having issues with ascii symbols in my arrays when they constructed. I can't input anymore data...
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How to block a website using c++ other than "hosts file"???
Hi All, There are many tutorials on the internet about blocking websites using C++ by modifying...
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