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How to write file to usb drive
How to write c++ program To transfer file to usb drive? I did research on internet, couldn't Find...
[8 replies] Last: there are kind of 2 answers to 'usb programming'. as us old people kn... (by jonnin)
RegSvr32 Error on Windows
Hi there! I have been having this error on my windows. "regsvr32 "to register a module you mu...
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Disable mouse scroll wheel button permanently
Hello everyone, I have a question that's bothering me. So I have a friend whose mouse scroll wheel j...
[4 replies] Last: I've had mice go nuts like this, to discover it was actually small, s... (by Furry Guy)
statusbar sizegrip
Compiled with Visual Studio (last version). This produces a statusbar with a "sizegrip". status_hnd...
[2 replies] Last: salem c, I read it ... The work-around isn't very workable (by clamicun)
How to write c++ program to transfer files to cellphone.
How do I write a c++ program to transfer a text file to my smartphone through a usb port? I can co...
[6 replies] Last: Not exactly what I asked, but that must be Android unless you're Japan... (by Niccolo)
can't fix error message
trying to write computer program to communicate with usb port. i keep getting error message unhandle...
[12 replies] Last: I am using a win32 console app Line 13 is how an MFC app is instanti... (by Furry Guy)
Question about VC++ 2010 runtimes
I was looking here
[5 replies] Last: I meant, that if you write a c program (source code file ending with ... (by helios)
by berce
the code is problem in Offline compiler but no problem in online
bbcodes did not working on winpe(it didn't work on the creating first post! the area was covered i...
[9 replies] Last: Undefined behaviour is a crapshoot, as I show in these results over he... (by salem c)
by prako2
How to avoid crash?
This function of code cause my program crash if there is no internet connection. Is it possible to a...
[6 replies] Last: I use different function now. Will you check for an error status wit... (by Furry Guy)
by prako2
Is it possible to set visual studio 2017 default platform set and character set?
As I saw in answers, there is no such option. I want to make it default for all projects the same as...
[1 reply] : You should be able to open (or create) a project that you first manual... (by Niccolo)
Background mouse click at (x,y)
Hello everyone, so i am scouting and browsing around to see if there is any way i could perform a ba...
[2 replies] Last: This plan is fraught with little complications. You may end up gettin... (by Niccolo)
by ghopoz
Encrypt and Decrypt video without saving in HDD using C#
I create windows media player in winform (C#.NET) . I want to play video file without saving in HDD ...
[3 replies] Last: So did you solve it using harddisk? If so it shouldn't that much of a ... (by coder777)
by prako2
I have a code which should copy a file but it doesn't work
I have a code which should copy d://folder//(unknownDir)//black.txt to d://folder//red//white.txt bu...
[6 replies] Last: What code are you running? In the code I posted there are no problems... (by Niccolo)
by prako2
Argument of type “const char *” is incompatible with parameter of type “char *”
I'm trying to join "" and declared char "ip_address" but "" is under...
[4 replies] Last: Is it illegal to learn ip address? (by prako2)
by prako2
How to copy files from unknown folder?
I'm trying to formulate a way how can I copy file to root directory from the unknown one (unknown me...
[8 replies] Last: Also here -> (by salem c)
MFC thread only runs if caller is waiting in a MessageBox
I am developing an MFC dialog application that interfaces to a device through a provided API. One o...
[2 replies] Last: Salem, You got it!!!! The calling object handle tmpHWND was a local v... (by DanMc77)
is there any java part of this forum??????
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by Ganado
CreateThread - child thread and infinite loops
This seems rather silly... but I have to ask. When CreateThread is called, and a thread is successf...
[1 reply] : True for *nix and Windows. The process "owns" all child threads. The ... (by Niccolo)
Crash with CopyFileExW
Hi, My code work in 64Bits, but in 32Bits it crash:
[4 replies] Last: Was just missing: CALLBACK keyword (by alphaonex86)
by prako2
How to find words in all files inside a folder?
How to make a code which can find specific words in all files of the folder and delete files without...
[1 reply] : As a design, that's a dangerous tool. One slip of the command and you ... (by Niccolo)
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