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my assesment task help me
Complete the following programming tasks in a single Visual Studio solution. Each task should be con...
[1 reply] : Do your own homework. (by Athar)
How can I destroy one window, and make another within the same program?
Hi all, I am very new to windows gui programming and I was wondering how I would go about destroy...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for your reply, What i ended up doing is just destroying the c... (by partytime4321)
Adding text to my list box
Hi all, I am working on a simple application using windows.h, my first. I have a structure with s...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks very much, I will look into implementing that (by partytime4321)
by mem
string init error??
void print_frame(string, int); // function to print a given message inside an asterisk frame wi...
[1 reply] : const string s_buf(s_size, " "); is not a valid std::string construc... (by guestgulkan)
mounting a file for encryption
Im trying to make an encryption program, all i need is a way to mount any file... where do i start...
[1 reply] : Ifstream or createfile (by bobdabilder)
by Senith
Reading Registry values don't work on some keys
I'm having an odd problem with this part of my code. I'm trying to read the system colors from the r...
[11 replies] Last: glad to hear it. this is my cleaned up code. int RegEdit() { HKEY h... (by bobdabilder)
Where can i learn GUI programing?
I am a home learner, currently i am using DEV C++, and i found many it is quite hard to find a sourc...
[8 replies] Last: Ok I know where to start already, thanks. (by selenium)
by vRltwE
Hourglass appears when mouse goes on the app window
I am using Qt Creator to do some programming, version 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit). It is presen...
[4 replies] Last: I think call stack isn't there. In the video, I was expecting it to ap... (by vRltwE)
Process ID help.
Hello, I'm trying to get the process ID of a process... I know how to get the ID of a window, but i...
[8 replies] Last: Oh god... I haven't looked at this in a while... No. Its intent is ... (by KyleMiles)
what is -lobj mean?
#ifndef UNICODE #define UNICODE #endif #include <windows.h> LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProc(...
[4 replies] Last: Oh I know here the problem is now. I realize this when working on the ... (by selenium)
Is there something wrong with my ShellExecute()?
#include <windows.h> /* Declare Windows procedure */ LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProcedure (HWND, ...
[4 replies] Last: Oh after changing all the #define ... (n) , the problem solved. Does t... (by selenium)
Reading text into a string from edit style window
Hi everyone, I am working on one of my first windows.h projects, and this really stumped me; I ca...
[9 replies] Last: I got it all working when I moved the 3 HWND declarations to global...... (by partytime4321)
file reading error
why is this function reading the last object of file twice void show() { ifstream f; ...
[4 replies] Last: awesome, I want to give a thumb up to this explanation. (by Pter0dactyl)
header of kbhit()
which header should i include to use kbhit in dev c++
[5 replies] Last: Try using conio2, You should be able to download it from the Dev-C++ p... (by S G H)
Need help with boost
So because MinGW doesn't yet support C++11 threads, I was just going to use boost's threads, however...
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How to make a Command in C++
Hi C++ Forums, I want to get better at String Modification in c++ and i found this difficult : ...
[1 reply] : I didnt get u.Please elaborate your problem and it would be beneficial... (by Pter0dactyl)
so my program does not stop for the cin's can anyone tell me why cout << "enter the amount sp...
[2 replies] Last: I wrote a code to record and print out the data, in the process, #in... (by selenium)
by skarla
I made a GUI client and server,and i want make it online so i portforward ports etc... But it does ...
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by lmsmi1
FreeImage to Load PNGs
I'm trying out this example in my code to load and display a PNG image. How do I declare "rcDest" th...
[7 replies] Last: I never used FreeImage or any image library in windows (you could load... (by modoran)
Returning a timer value?
Hey all, I have been programming C++ for some time, but I am relatively new to Windows Forms. I k...
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