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how to pass files into a function?
I'm writing a program and I have all of it working properly except the last part, the convert_to_wav...
[2 replies] Last: You need to close the file before passing it to convert function.... (by modoran)
Want to use audio
I want to make a program that allows the user to input and save a group of audio files and output th...
[1 reply] : OpenAl will do this. (by Moschops)
.net Thread^ array
I am working on an application that uses multiple threads to connect pipes to 8 other
[2 replies] Last: You'd get better responses on a .NET forum rather than a C++ forum. (by Moschops)
Ok, i REALLY HATE win API, but it executes faster than batch commands, bla bla bla. So, first: ...
[17 replies] Last: so... Mabey some direction with the windows API would be helpful. I'm... (by IWishIKnew)
menu strip
so here is my assignment and i am having some difficulties. I already have my maturity and payment f...
[1 reply] : Have a look at this tutorial to add menus to a form. http://msdn.micro... (by methodos)
How do I have to define the slot to lend him any class?
How do I have to define the method, in order to lend him a class ? connect(addCustomerButton, SI...
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by kg1992
How can I prevent user of application from escaping to desktop?
Hello, forum. I'm student who doesn't have much experienced with Windows programming. I've been mos...
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why do i need to use cin.get twice???
Hey guys, i was writing a very simple program and came a across an problem. In order to stop my prog...
[2 replies] Last: When you're reading an integer with cin >> a; , you're typing <digit>... (by Cubbi)
by h4344
Problem with Getting a module name from a ME32 struct
Im trying to get a Module's name to compare to a string so i know when i have reached the one im loo...
[1 reply] : XCHYHFDU KI (by SylviaStaten)
Segmentation error. Problem with class.
customersAddLayout.h #ifndef CUSTOMERLAYOUT_H #define CUSTOMERLAYOUT_H #include <QWidget> #includ...
[3 replies] Last: Damn - I wasnt going to say that - but I found another fix that stoppe... (by guestgulkan)
by Phiru
I am using GDI++, but..
Hi. I got a problem using GDI++. I succeeded loading a "png" image and displaying this on the wi...
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Execute a function every X seconds WITHOUT sleep
Hey guys, My program occasionally has to do a little bit of heavy lifting processing wise, and I'd ...
[5 replies] Last: If you don't try it you won't learn anything. Very true, sir! An... (by jojo212)
Double* modification for input
I created a 1d array using the trick double* x = new double ; which seems to be the only way of crea...
[4 replies] Last: is there a way of turning a double* to a double Dereference it doub... (by maeriden)
How to learn PHP
I want to learn PHP,but I don't konw how to do it.
[1 reply] : How about using online tutorial ? PHP is one of s... (by modoran)
Programming for Games
Hello everyone, I am a second year student at Atlantic University. I am studying video game animatio...
[1 reply] : I have no personal experience with the windows phone platform, however... (by Ogoyant)
good books for beginning windows programming?
ok i recently got malware and found out that my malware scanner took forever to scan because the mal...
[8 replies] Last: Maybe because when 'widgets,QT or MFC' have been relagated to the du... (by jimobama)
by lmsmi1
Advanced Controls
I can't seem to find anything in Petzold's Programming Windows 5th Edition, so I come here for help....
[1 reply] : The code samples you require are not for a specific compiler. These us... (by modoran)
Help with library (1,2)
I need gmp or something similar that I can make types bigger than long long. I don't want to have to...
[22 replies] Last: Yes, double is usually 64 bits wide. That's enough for up to 16 signif... (by Athar)
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement (0x80040E14)
I'm always getting this error since i added a couple of column in the tblapplicants table. NOTE: I'm...
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QueryPerformanceFrequency help
Hi everyone, I have a code that uses QueryPerformanceFrequency. However, the machine I need it to r...
[3 replies] Last: Why do you want to replace it? Why do think there's something else th... (by kbw)
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