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Get flv/mp4 files thumbnails.
i need a custom program which takes flv/mp4 file and outputs a image of specific frame of flv/mp4 fi...
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How to make Windows buttons look Legit
Hey, I am working on a UAC program and the button look very bad and i want to make it look like a n...
[3 replies] Last: If you're using visual studio, you can add this to the top of one of y... (by Stewbond)
this is my assigment, need to handup in few hours, i already tried for 2 days, please need help (1,2)
urgent Write a program to calculate the grade point average (CGPA) of the student. Students are r...
[20 replies] Last: Great Job ITstudent, it looks like you have made a lot of progress. Th... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Winsock help
Hi everyone i was following a winsock tutorial on youtube and i typed out the code but i seem to hav...
[7 replies] Last: Because i watched it too and ask IceT3e3a for help he will help you as... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
use unicode or multiple char
in vs2010, the default encoding is unicode, but my book is a little old, I have to add L before my...
[1 reply] : You could disable Unicode settings in VS2010 really easy by adding thi... (by modoran)
DLL function pointer structure?
these are just some my function pointer prototype attempts typedef int (__cdecl *FNPTR)(LPWSTR);...
[4 replies] Last: Oh yes thats great! Turns out that the DLL has other functions that I... (by steallen)
by h4344
Problem with GUI flickering/Bitmap
So im trying to fix the flickering in my program because it updates very quickly, im still new with ...
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How to see if Admin or Not windows 7
Hi C++ forums, I am currently working on a program which finds if you are Admin or not if you are A...
[1 reply] : This MSDN entry has the code for the preferred method: CheckTokenMemb... (by andywestken)
Sharing Data Between Apps
I'm trying to decide on a best practice for sharing data between many applications in a many to one...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah I'm ultimately using the data as doubles...I was figuring that co... (by troutguy)
#include <iostream.h> // execute input and outpu process. #include <cstring.h> // defines several...
[4 replies] Last: noted it.. thanks can you help me on this (by ITstudent)
by h4344
How can i draw a single point in a GUI?
Atm im using *Look below*, but its a line when all i want is a single point with a size and color i ...
[1 reply] : You might be looking for SetPixel(): (by NGen)
found this code on the net, wanted to test winsock, theres an error though, what is 'tolower?
So i want to learn socket programing, first i wanted to make sure i have winsock & winsock2 working ...
[10 replies] Last: As you seem to use MinGW, use these commands for compiling: g++.exe -... (by modoran)
Get computer info
I need to know how to get the following information about my computer using c++ 1. How to get the c...
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