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MFC List Control sorting
How do I go about sorting items in a list control, All columns contain strings/dates, I have searche...
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How do I include classes from inside a Windows .dll file.
This is probably a relatively covered question. I have attempted to follow various other tutorials ...
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Eliza Lite?
I'm trying to make a version of Eliza in C++, where you type in a keyword and you get said response....
[2 replies] Last: Another option would be to use a map to map keywords to phrases. (by Thomas1965)
Is it possible to create a custom temporary explorer folder?
Hi, i'm working on a shell program that helps organizing files by custom categories and tags; Ideal...
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by bambys
having issues with ifstream / copying stuff to clipboard
this is basically supposed to read the text file and copy the contents and paste them into the progr...
[1 reply] : Try reading the complete file into a string and copy the whole string ... (by Thomas1965)
how run the GNU mingw compiler with arguments?
i had found these program: void run(string FileName, string Parameters="") { SHELLEXECUTEINF...
[2 replies] Last: after several tryies i can make it work and thinking now that i was fo... (by Cambalinho)
How do I get the Window Handle for a Win32 Desktop application running on Sierra Chart and Setup Message Loop?
I'm writing an ACSIL/C++ program that runs in Sierra Chart. I'm trying to open a modeless dialog box...
[6 replies] Last: No it is not crashing anymore. SCSFExport is required for Sierra Char... (by doetrader)
Parse Data from txt file while its open with another program?
Is this possible to do and how can I do this with WIN API? I would prefer to use <fstream> but I wan...
[1 reply] : It depends on the file mode the other programs opens the file. Try re... (by Thomas1965)
How to get a file HWND
I'm trying to figure out how I can get the handle of a file from location? GetHandle("C://Temp/...
[2 replies] Last: Ahhh.. I see now it Create or Opens a file.. Okay thankyou that what I... (by Sanction)
by berce
writing an array inside the for loop with if statement
Hi Everyone! #include <string> #include <cmath> #include <array> #include <iostream> //#include <c...
[4 replies] Last: > when I reload(execute) it without closing, value of variable(average... (by salem c)
Sending Heart beats to client, to keep socket connection alive?
Hello, I have set a 2 minute time out on recv() using setsockopt (client side). To keep socket conne...
[3 replies] Last: Well you need to ensure that the whole response is sent. Eg. ssize_t... (by salem c)
by thx
[Help]How to install NCurses Correctly
I'm a little confused as to how I install NCurses. Where do I copy it to, I'm using an outdated IDE ...
[1 reply] : Where did you download it from? What OS are you using? What compiler... (by salem c)
int aus zufälligem seed
Deutsch: Ich möchte ein Programm in C ++ schreiben, in dem der Benutzer einen Seed eingeben kann, d...
[1 reply] : rand() calculates the numbers. See: (by coder777)
how find a folder name?
i have these function for get the entire folder name: string FindDirectory(std::string FindDirector...
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missing events when using MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx
Hi everyone! I am missing some events when executing 'MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx'. If you execut...
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where do I find/create txt file TextFile1.txt?
In this sample code where do I create file with filename TextFile1.txt? I am using VS2017. #in...
[13 replies] Last: most likely something like... In Visual studio, when the arrangement... (by rossi123)
old sloppy d3d11
I'm searching for an updated and organized book to learn the DirectX 11 API, but I can only find Fra...
[1 reply] : may not be much of an answer but I thought dx was mostly backwards com... (by jonnin)
by shymaa
what aahook.dll used for ? How it is differ from whook.dll?
am trying to build an GUI automated app, and these 2 libraries where used by different application r...
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erro window 10 ?
Which problem? Your laptop shutting down? Your laptop updating as it shuts down? Your work not be...
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