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by Things
Detour Trampoline help
Hello there.. IM having a problem with detours automatically calling "int WINAPI my_send". I need...
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by Steves
SFML help
Hi guys I havent coded in over a year and I just came back before I quit I was only doing console ap...
[1 reply] : You are not linking your libraries correctly. First I don't believe yo... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
A weird error I don't understand.
I am getting the weirdest error ever when compiling my code. I am using the Eclipse compiler (I find...
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Printing out variables in PDCurses
When using PDCurses I tried getting it to print out a character from a table that was made earlier, ...
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Combine string into object!
I'm writing the code for slot machine using class type. And the professor said that I need to combin...
[1 reply] : Have you considered using numbers to represent the positions on each w... (by kbw)
by tib20
regex_replace blocks the compilation
I made a program on MacOS, but now I want to make it compatible with Windows. So I compiled my libra...
[1 reply] : Use this: #include <regex> string str = "hey guys"; str = regex_repla... (by modoran)
Edit control displaying a txt file
I am using a edit control to display a text file using c++ file functions. The text does not use th...
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Problem with LPSTR and managed c++ wrapper
I need to write a dll in a managed c++ wrapper String* GetResponse(String* response) { ...
[4 replies] Last: To start with, if String is System::String, the signature of the manag... (by andywestken)
Load Bitmap Dynamically from a file and display in win32
I'm creating an application in which I'll have to display an image. The main thing is- I'll have to...
[1 reply] : windows does have a LoadImage winapi function. (by guestgulkan)
Filling up the heap with class objects
Even though I am using Visual C++, I confess I’ve have always preferred and used just C features ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, Disch, for a thoughtful reply. It looks like you edited yo... (by Sir Roland)
Trouble Creating Pointer to Function for use with CreateThread
Hi all, I want to start by apologizing if this is in the wrong forum - I wasn't sure if it would ...
[14 replies] Last: Yes, multiple threads can run on separate cores. (by Disch)
creating a Registry key
Hey I want to create a new key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,"Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion...
[1 reply] : It requires administrator priveleges to write in that location. If you... (by modoran)
I wrote a basic code to retrieve the list of processes by EnumProcesses() in Psapi. I open VS2012 in...
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Sending Messages to child windows
I'm trying to send a message from the parent window to the child window that makes the child resize ...
[1 reply] : Sending WM_SIZE won't work. Use MoveWindow(). That takes the same si... (by freddie1)
Help with Poject Euler 10?
hey so I'm working on solving all of the Project Euler problems and I'm stuck at 10. My code keeps g...
[2 replies] Last: Rather than cast between long/double all over the place... why not jus... (by Disch)
by Phiru
How to user CString.Format with CString?
I have a two CString var with using MFC. CString a = "abc"; CString b = "def"; And int c = 5; ...
[2 replies] Last: CString strC; strC.Format("%s%02d%s", a, b, c); you need a new CStri... (by ATQXML)
Mandelbrot screen display
I am having much trouble generating a screen display of the basic Mandelbrot set. What I get is sup...
[2 replies] Last: Hey, It's working pretty nicely. I'm a bit new at Microsoft programmin... (by newbieg)
What is wrong with my function?
void ReadScript(int WhichScript) { bool Started = false; bool InCondition = false; fpos_t ...
[5 replies] Last: But it does run code in the while it just never run code in the if pa... (by tianajrp)
by Phiru
How to use printf for CString??
I tried it like this, but it didn't work. CString str = "abcde"; printf("str = %s\n", str.getBuf...
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by giblit
Help with QMap in Qt (1,2)
QMap works find for me when I only have 2 QStrings I need to put into it by using this code: QMap<...
[21 replies] Last: yay got the basics done! thanks everyone just need to finish it up by ... (by giblit)
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