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wsprintf and swprintf functions and floating point numbers
Apparently these wide character versions of sprintf don't format floating point numbers. This is a ...
[6 replies] Last: If that post was too long... here's the jist of it: Regardless of wh... (by Disch)
Function inside Struct Question
I have this code in a project that I'm working on: struct TrackSegment { const unsigned int Num...
[6 replies] Last: Well, I think I figured out how to do this but it's going to take me t... (by giblit)
Speech SDK error
hello!I just download Microsoft Speech SDK,set up,then set Option->Directoris, and I use this code:...
[2 replies] Last: The code works for me using VS 2010 SP1 and Speech SDK 11 using window... (by modoran)
Pass Button For Dialog
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by giblit
conversion from 'QString' to non-scalar type 'std::string' requested
I tried a bunch of different things and I still can not figure out how to get my code working. Prett...
[10 replies] Last: Got it working thanks again!! I really appreciate if anyone wants my c... (by giblit)
c++ kernel
i'm trying to make a kernel or a bootable cd for a OS that i made can anybody help
[1 reply] : The OSDev wiki has some pointers: (by Cubbi)
Where can I find the DWRITE_FONT_STYLE and DWRITE_FONT_STRETCH properties? CHOOSEFONT cf; LOG...
[2 replies] Last: I figured it out, it took a little more finagling with DirectWrite API... (by dwaseem)
by Senith
wx dev-Cpp GDI plus problems
ok for some reason I am totally lost on this issues and been looking for an hour without any help. ...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you all, this problem has been solved over at "http://stackoverf... (by Senith)
Call function on Address execute
I've been trying to find info relating to this and have had poor luck so decided it would be better ...
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Saving a File using Common Item Dialog
I have been looking hi and low on how to implement a save as... function for my tic tac toe game. I ...
[1 reply] : I got the second issue fixed, but I still have an issue when clicking ... (by dwaseem)
guys lets make this quick, any ideas how to use the listbox and combobox in visual c++ 2008 and al...
[1 reply] : (by kbw)
by Phiru
difference between Timer and Thread?
What's the difference between Timer and Thread??? (SetTimer and CreateThread) Both are same? o...
[3 replies] Last: Timers are "Part" of your program flow, where a Thread is not, it ru... (by Phiru)
Copy Constructor - Problem with making exact copy
In the class: private: value_type *data; size_type used; size_type capaci...
[5 replies] Last: For your loop you dont need the i>0 you already set the inital value t... (by giblit)
Question about scope in MFC programming
Im new to Windows programming and I am trying to make a tic tac toe program just to get used to it. ...
[1 reply] : After some experimentation i realized that im not generating a new WM_... (by ForRealzZzZ)
Add and remove program's in the "startup menu"
When windows logs in it starts so many program's that are crucial but also so many extra program's t...
[13 replies] Last: Thank you very much! And my intention is to make an installer using th... (by SatsumaBenji)
Draw some lines
I'm starting to experiment with windows graphics, and I'm trying to make a program that will draw li...
[3 replies] Last: I figured out what my problem was. It had to do with overwriting Infor... (by newbieg)
by Garro
Advice on talking to device
Hi guys, i'm looking for a bit of advice on creating a program that can read and write files to a us...
[2 replies] Last: If by "using Visual Studio 10" you mean using the existing Windows API... (by andywestken)
Window Styles
I am developing a small application where i have main window Wnd1 that contains a child window as a ...
[5 replies] Last: created but NOT SHOWEN Are you calling ShowWindow on the window with... (by andywestken)
Link issues when compiling from CMD with VS2012 installation
So I'm attempting to compile a program that displays just a very simple window. It uses native C++ ...
[1 reply] : I suspect you aren't supplying the appropriate libraries for the linke... (by AHCFan20)
by sqamar
My Own Created .exe file didn't run on other computers
Sir I've Recently compiled a code, It runs on my Computer but didn't run on my friends computer... ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot Sir... (by sqamar)
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