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Getting Battery Information
I am working on a project to get battery information in windows, i found this page http://msdn.micr...
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Text box for typing?
How can I create a small text box inside a message box? I find some sites, but they confuse me lot....
[3 replies] Last: A MessageBox is a pre-made dialog box with limited functionality that ... (by Disch)
by ionuto
Memwatcher - show Options Dialog
Hello all, I am playing since a couple of days with this sample: Memwatcher (today item on Windows ...
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I don't even know where to start. Use ADT technique to design a class Queue and use this ADT Queue ...
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using fopen() for reading hard drives.
i was trying to open hard drive for raw reading and writing, fopen() successfully opens it but when ...
[1 reply] : problem solved, just needed to open it in binary mode. (by time to c)
Bitmap Display From buffer received by tcp socket
I want to display my image on window without saving it. When data is received window size changes b...
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CArry in Variant
is there any way to store values in CArry in Variant ??
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Fatal Error / Unsolved External
I keep on getting this error. 1>------ Build started: Project: SomethingElse, Configuration: Debu...
[1 reply] : What project did you choose ? Empty project ? Create a new win32 - co... (by modoran)
by tajwan
stop and close console
How stop console and close to X not Press enter to exit....
[5 replies] Last: Use Google translator. What do you mean to X? (by CroCo)
What is NTDEF.h? Why am I getting half a million errors on it? :(
One of my header files uses NTDEF.h...I located this header file in the system... The code of the...
[3 replies] Last: This is Microsoft documentation about these errors: http://msdn.micro... (by modoran)
by Phiru
I am making custom scrollbar.
And i got a problem with calculating thumb position. this is my calculation. m_curPos = (m_r...
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by wmdino
Visual C++ and API
All, I am getting back into programming with C++ after an extended time away from the field. I did ...
[1 reply] : You'll need to use a framework (which is what Delphi is, it isn't just... (by kbw)
by kwnan
How to calculate processing time in millscounds
I want to calculate processing time in milliseconds as most of function I found give me in second. I...
[1 reply] : You can do something like this: __int64 iCountsPerSec; __int64 iTim... (by Ogoyant)
Menu Items
I'm trying to go through the windows library to try and learn as much as I can until I can get my ha...
[2 replies] Last: You know, that's the hint that I needed. I made an .rc file that only ... (by newbieg)
Class Inheritance question
Hello all, I have something like the following classes: class appClass { public: //... protecte...
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by Phiru
How to load cursor image??
I can change cursor image and it works with resource file or ID. And I want to load cursor image ...
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any EXPERT c++ coders in here?
the title says it all lol....any EXPERT c++ coders in here? please respond below or PM me. i am look...
[1 reply] : This should go under Jobs or Lounge. Not Windows Programming at all. A... (by S G H)
windows Message box
for some reason this is a rather hard subject to get info on. all I want is a message box no window....
[5 replies] Last: This is a simple messagebox #include <windows.h> int main(){ Messa... (by mausy131)
Geometry in Programming
Imagine you have a 2d plane in C++, where the X go from 0 to MaxX (there is no negative X) and a Y g...
[1 reply] : int column = id % maxX ; int row = id / maxX ; box.x = c... (by cire)
Output color
I've seen a lot of people who need help with color output so i wrote this program which should help...
[1 reply] : Do not use that integer constants as parameter to SetConsoleTextAttrib... (by modoran)
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