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qt GUI
I am trying to get qt to work on my windows xp system. I have been able to install qt creator, but ...
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First Window, constant loop?
Hi, this is my first attempt at opening a window using Windows API, I copied it out of my book, but ...
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by wi3ik
How to find some directory and print all files, which are in it
Hi everyone. I've start to learn C++ and now have one trouble. Could someone say HOW I CAN WORK ...
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Sapi help
I am trying to use the sapi api for windows using dev c++ and i follow the microsoft tutorials for s...
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Change Process name at Runtime?
I THINK that I did this once, but I can't remember how, however I found only some VB examples, not c...
[4 replies] Last: ye but where/how? ATM description is the executable name, also I don't... (by mekkatorqu)
something wrong in loop
I should read some numbers from a file(A) and then compair these numbers in another file(B) to extra...
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Pointer and char
Hi, im trying to create "mass" amount of file, but the code i wrote doesnt work due to "Cant add poi...
[1 reply] : Try using std::string: #include <string> std::string filename; for ... (by theranga)
Tree view-type window control
Is there a tree view-type control which can take other controls as items? eg/ A tree view window,...
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by cbeppe
Winsock Connecting via URL
Hey guys, I'm trying to fetch a .txt file from a website and have set up a socket to do so. The soc...
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Fighter Airplane Game.
AOA dear.. i need a game of airplane. which is flying in air. and firing on houses and damage ...
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Accessing iPod Data
How would I be able to access data from my iPod? Specifically I would like access to songs. I'm tryi...
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[win32api] Checkbox help
how do I check if the checkbox is checked and how do I force it to check/uncheck?
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Process Snapshot error?
void KillProcess(string str) { HANDLE hProcessSnap; HANDLE hProcess; PROCESSENTRY32 pe32; DWORD...
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How to use CAS authentication client
Hello to everyone! I have the task to communicate our topical application(C++) with a distant ser...
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by Ch1156
Anything like Win Api but easier?
I was wondering if there was any API like Win API but easier to use, I mean this http://msdn.microso...
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