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by Garion
Error: Duplicate Case Value
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here but if somebody can offer some advice I'd appreciate it. F...
[2 replies] Last: *Slaps forehead* Thanks >_< (by Garion)
change icon in visual studio 2013 express?
How would i change my icon for my application in visual studio 2013 express edition? ive looked arou...
[2 replies] Last: ive made the .rc file, im just not sure where to put the .rc file i ma... (by closed account 9i3hURfi)
[Win32] Compiling C++ Code As A Library
Hey there, I have been working on a WIN32 API library and recently tried to compile it (for the ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for the help guys. So a few things I found. -mwindows doesn... (by GarryPlusPlus)
Is it worth it to wrap WINAPI
With all the free tools such as QT, GTK, etc. Is it worth the effort to make a gui library from my s...
[2 replies] Last: IMNSHO, no. The only qualifiers I'd put on that are two. First, ... (by freddie1)
[Win32Api] List View Report questions and bugs (?)
okay, so I'm creating a listview with report style, however I'm having some troubles with it, I'm cr...
[3 replies] Last: On the listview extended styles page on MSDN it says: Use the LVM_SE... (by knn9)
How to Prevent Chars and Special Chars in cin?
Good day guys, sorry im actually new in programming and my teacher asked us to make a Cashier progra...
[2 replies] Last: I think the op is reading in as an integer and is trying to avoid inva... (by giblit)
copyfile error 5 access denied!
cant copy file i get error 5 access denied i disabled uac and my account has admin rights and its no...
[14 replies] Last: Try right clicking and running as admin. (by Avilius)
Graphic drwan by GDI keep flashing....
I am trying to make the rectangle drawn by GDI will move with mouse cursor when user clicked the rec...
[9 replies] Last: Ok, Thanks very much Disnch and knn9, now i am going to mark this post... (by selenium)
Rogue-Like game issues
Hey everyone! I've been trying to make a rogue-like game with C++ and Windows API, no other libra...
[3 replies] Last: Sounds like you aren't using the latest version of VC++ which has supp... (by cire)
Coding to support IntelliSense
I'm working on a larger project to make Allegro5 simpler to use for myself. What I want to do is be...
[2 replies] Last: VAX does look nice; hardly worth the price tag though. Either way, th... (by HellfireXP)
Calculating number arrays from a text file.
I wish to create a program in C++ that can conduct a linear regression calculation on an array of nu...
[1 reply] : Use list or vector of vectors The list will store vector of integers.... (by codewalker)
How to set buttons in the center of the window?
So, I started working with windows.h again, because Qt seems like I am not really learning anything,...
[7 replies] Last: [quote=AceDawg45]I will try that, but do you know any other tutorials ... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
Need advice on how to do the "dynamic collision" with GDI.
I know how to detect the collision of 2 known object by giving giving them 2 point(e.g 1 at left top...
[5 replies] Last: No problem. He has multiple others as well as that one. (by Avilius)
Manage shared variable in multithreading application
I design one sample multithreaded application in which i read one file in one thread using circular ...
[1 reply] : Protect shared variable access with calls to EnterCriticalSection() an... (by modoran)
by as0re
Rock Paper Scissors Game
Hello there people, I have been coding in c++ for a while now, but im still a newbie and I am trying...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, i sure will. (by as0re)
DirectX tutorials
Anyone has any good DirectX tutorials?
[4 replies] Last: Thank you (by Gameman)
MS Visual Studio version choose??
Hi all I am Newbie and seeking for a compiler tool to do my C++ project. So there are many versio...
[2 replies] Last: I am a noob as well and I would recommend MS Visual Studio 2013. (by as0re)
by xeef
directX and heap coruption
going nuts struct TRI { WORD v0, v1, v2; TRI(WORD w0, WORD w1, WORD w2) { v0 = w0; ...
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by liyun
set global path in VS 2012 Express
Hi, All, I have a solution that has 15 projects. I set the include and lib path for each of the p...
[4 replies] Last: Modoran, I have read the link before and I read it again, but I still... (by liyun)
[win32api] Editable List View Report?
I want to make items to be editable in the listview, so I can click/double click on them and edit th...
[4 replies] Last: is there a way to actually allow other columns to be selected? why is ... (by mekkatorqu)
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