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by zsteve
KeyboardProc polls multiple times
I've created a keyboard hook via SetWindowsHookEx() (not low level), and everything works fine, but ...
[2 replies] Last: hook=SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD, kbProc, hInstance, NULL); LR... (by zsteve)
String to variables
If I have a string such as "insert 56" how would I store insert into a separate string and 56 into a...
[16 replies] Last: You never said where you got your version of mingw from. I see mingw ... (by Garion)
Redefining Error When Compiling
I'm new here, sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I keep getting two errors when I try to compile: func...
[1 reply] : [code firstline=124]double userChoice(char & dive, double & difficulty... (by long double main)
Are there any repercussions to installing code::blocks EP when another version of code::blocks is already installed?
The title. I installed EP ( in order to use fltk for stroustrup...
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Getting Pixels Help
Hello, recently I've been trying to read a lot of pixels quickly; GetPixel() is way too slow so I ha...
[1 reply] : If you have a handle to RGB values (DWORDs, that is, not the 3-byte pi... (by zsteve)
How to print graphics to Printer
What I am doing is making a bunch of Rectangles on the Canvas, Putting some text in the rectangles...
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Compiling Open Source C++ in MS Visual Studio
What are the best practices for setting up a Visual "project" that will be used to compile an open s...
[3 replies] Last: Assuming you have the source (say cloned from a git repo) you can impo... (by naraku9333)
3D game programming (1,2)
Hey guys I am new to this forum and I wanna learn 3D game programming. Ok really I want to Make a MM...
[21 replies] Last: That is a question no one in the whole word can answer it for you... n... (by CppVoidppC)
Win32.SendMessage() doesn't work for non admin user
Hi, I am using FFDShowAPI to flip and mirror the video. Video is displayed in IE. When I logged in ...
[2 replies] Last: Why are you displaying videos in Internet Explorer anyway ? Other medi... (by modoran)
Creating a weapon system (c++)
So say I'm making a text based rpg, I'm writing it as a console project in code::blocks So I w...
[1 reply] : I would probably have a container of weapons (maybe a std::vector) and... (by TwilightSpectre)
Hide a process from task manager
Is there any way I can hide my Win32 MFC based program from task manager or maybe make it appear as ...
[1 reply] : That would require significant malicious-like features to be incorpora... (by OrionMaster)
by soranz
How to get a webpage to the foreground ?
Hi ! I'm working with MFC and simply trying to get a specific webpage to come to the foreground to r...
[2 replies] Last: Never mind...figured it out. For anyone wondering, I just had to have... (by soranz)
WinAPI/C++/Dialog - ChooseColor() ignoring mouse
I have a Windows dialog-based application here. I have a button that calls ChooseColor() to let the ...
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Upload file to php script
Hi to whole, I have a question about this code found in Stackoverflow website => http://stackoverf...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for reply, You is correct KBW, I only not understood how he ma... (by FLASHCODER)
I'm using borland c++ builder 6 and ADO.
i have a problem to make database connector with ADO. TADODataSet *tmp = new TADODataSet(this); ...
[1 reply] : Have you tried making a separate TADODataSet object for each query? I... (by kevinkjt2000)
DirectX and Visual Studio 2010 Express, please.
Is the last SDK file DSXSDK_Jun10.exe adequate for Visual Studio 2010 Express, it is the file to ha...
[10 replies] Last: Okay great, thank you. -josheir- (by josheir)
Windows phone programmers?
Hello guys. I would like to go into window phone programming using c# and XAML. But the only book I...
[1 reply] : (by CppVoidppC)
[win32] - how can track the Mouse Stoped event\message?
can anyone advice me for track the Mouse Stoped message? i have 1 idea, but my thot isn't completed ...
[5 replies] Last: i put them static ;) the problem isn't your code.... i belive that it'... (by Cambalinho)
Allegro + NetBeans + cygwin
hello everybody, does anyone here know how to make Allegro work with cygwin? I tried several tutoria...
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direct x or opengl
which one is better to learn first? direct x or opengl?
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