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Need some explanation about DLL
Hi, I am not getting what it actually means, as I am trying to understand what DLL is from the Mi...
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Is there a way to run a program, such as the windows photo viewer, and have it open a image while ru...
[3 replies] Last: If the user inputs a image file name and you just want to open it usin... (by modoran)
[SDL] help. Smooth movement instead of jumping?
Im coding a RPG atm and im at the part where im making character movement. The code for it is like t...
[6 replies] Last: But some how this isnt working right and her walking down sprite doe... (by Disch)
Passing objects in functions
When I try to pass an object containing a pointer as member variable in a function within main compi...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks a lot!Now it works properly (by roovraven)
Need help with RegSetValueEx()
I have posted it in beginners forum already, but got no answer yet. I am trying to add an applicati...
[2 replies] Last: In Windows 7 the registry reflection is deleted, so the RegDisableRefl... (by gizdaman)
by craime
C++ project for secondary students
hallo, am a student in secondary school i have learnt c,c++ and would like help to get a nice proje...
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by tnavid
c string-problem
hi, i want to convert my strings to uppercase strings.but my function does not work. note:i don't w...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks ne555. I had forgotten that I cannot assign a new value to a co... (by FastLearner)
by skn
CMD Commands from C++
I'm currently making a program that needs to be able to execute CMD commands to the CMD(such as ipco...
[2 replies] Last: The evil part was more a reference to the security problems and that i... (by skn)
Is Petzold's book still relevant?
From what I've read, Win32 API hasn't changed in years. I've learned the basics of getting a simple ...
[4 replies] Last: This is my favorite review of Charles' book on by R.B. Doe ... (by freddie1)
Dynamically allocating class objects - a question
Hello all, I'm reading some code from some samples at I find a definition of a cla...
[4 replies] Last: Yes, that's a very good point to note as well, thanks for the example.... (by Ogoyant)
Going over the Windows Programming Code... (1,2,3)
Hi, I am a beginner C++ programmer. I know only as much in C++ than any beginner would -- not very m...
[41 replies] Last: Glad it helped newbieg. One thing psalm62 mentioned a couple times th... (by freddie1)
winsock smtp string formatting apppend \n to tell the serv...
[5 replies] Last: That was the pronlem.. i was calling recv during data transmission. H... (by Kelvin Silva)
by flony1
use command line
Hi I have a question, use visual studio 2012 and project properties (alt f7) in the c / c + + there ...
[2 replies] Last: In VS10 there is a table of common properties for projects, it's locat... (by S G H)
by rudy01
winUSB error
Hi all, I would really really appreciate some help with winUSB. I wasn't sure where else to post ...
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OpenSource game needs a Windows port keeper
As in title , I am working in a team on RTS , ogre3d engine , g...
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Question bout this code
Why doesnt this code work I have been following examples from a book I have and some of the function...
[3 replies] Last: @kbw It doesnt run I put comments inside to tell what the compiler too... (by ForRealzZzZ)
is there anyway to invoke windows explorer file trasfer dialog box using windows api?
can we invoke windows explorer inbuilt gui dialogs from windows api or by loading some dll from wind...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks that worked. but what if i want to spawn "Folder options" dialo... (by time to c)
by vcsasc
College programming challenge
Dear All, This question part of my College programming challenge.It is just started today.OK. ...
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How to set selected text in Combobox
Hey, I am working on this project where I need to retrieve the system com port settings and update ...
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by acerr
Lekce 6\06_06.cpp||In function 'int main()':| \Lekce 6\06_06.cpp|32|error: invalid array assignment...
[5 replies] Last: if (strlen(_name) < 200) strcpy(name, _name); else memset(name, ... (by S G H)
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