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RegisterClassEx fails
I'm setting up a window class and registering, like so: WNDCLASSEX wcBigWnd; LRESULT CALLBACK main...
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Nested menus
I have started working on an app that needs multiple levels of nested menus created from a left clic...
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please help me.........
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Visual Studio C++ question / ranting
Today i had a really simple test at school. Read from a file, one line at a time and then search for...
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Developer's Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0
Is this book still relevant considering it was published in 2000 and uses Visual C++ 6.0? I don't ex...
[3 replies] Last: I'm guessing yes. I don't do anything special with graphics, so GDI i... (by freddie1)
by rudy01
Visual C++ Thread
Hello All, I am not an expert in C++ programmer, but I have done some simple programming before. I...
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by flony1
command line
Hello friends, I have a question. I want to spend the characteristics of a project to another. rea...
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by jekyee
How to make ExecDosCmd() run correctly in the background
I'm writing ExecDosCmd() to execute dos commands and get output. It works well,howerver, when the fo...
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DHCP Client for Windows?
Hi, Is there any DHCP Client(stack, lib etc.) exists for Windows PC platform? If not is it possib...
[2 replies] Last: Hi again, Built-in Windows DHCP Client requires Windows Server 200x ... (by zgulser)
by Elidor
Getting Started Help
Ok, so first and foremost I'd like to say I know of the following resources:
[1 reply] : Petzold wrote 6th edition of his book to cover Windows 8 (in C#). The ... (by JockX)
Changing the text of a label
I've been trying to work out how to change the text on a windows form label to a variable from anoth...
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struct initialization to zeros like so {};
I've been seeing this sort of thing only fairly recently it seems ... WNDCLASSEX wc={}; ...
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Can you make an ODBC connection to an SQL Server DB in "HttpFilterProc "? ODBC Name = USER I n...
[1 reply] : Do you suggest I move this to different forum. The "httpfilterproc" i... (by knighjl)
HELP: how to load satellite DLL for a DLL
I have a Visual C++ workspace that has 2 projects (1 exe & 1 DLL). I used Serge Wautier's tutori...
[3 replies] Last: I think I got it working: From VC2005 there's a function called AddRe... (by andwan0)
Show/Hide controls based on Multiselect Listbox
Hi, I am new to windows form based application. I am designing a windows from with a multiselect li...
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Hi, I am Subhamita.I am facing some problem in doing c programming. I am using Visual C 6 with windo...
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How enter a password using C++ code
I have a password protected executable file in .zip format. Now I have given the following command t...
[1 reply] : You need to look at the parameters for the executable you're running t... (by Zaita)
by x y
Writing VLAN program from scratch
Hi guys. A while back I played around with a few VLAN programs trying to play a pirated game with a ...
[1 reply] : Just set up a VPN between you and your friend. (by Zaita)
Handling msgs on form level
Hi, I am developing a program where I create window that containing few control (buttons, editbo...
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by MW93i
Rescaling an image...
Hey... I appear to have a problem.. My program seems to crash everytime I get to a certain point, it...
[1 reply] : You allow scaling up, meaning x_ratio and y_ratio can go over 1. I... (by JockX)
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