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Help SQL
Hello all, I've got a big problem creating my database. I don't know why it doesn't work. When I...
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Ansi... Unicode???
I really dont understand these two things. (Im pretty new to Windows programming) Especially when us...
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Simple question.
According to wikipedia a "callback" is "a piece of executable code that is passed as an argument to ...
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how to create a rounded windows ?
I want to create a rounded windows ... someone can help me ?
[1 reply] : I remember doing this using windows regions. Do a google search on : ... (by guestgulkan)
Windows API and current programing
I was scanning through E-Bay tonight because the book I currently have states that it is briefly goi...
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I am a 12 year old c++ expert (1,2)
I am a 12 year old c++ expert but unfortunately could not appear in the world because i have not pas...
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Win32 C++ Listbox export
So I have this here. I got the code importing the users from a text file. Now I want it to format th...
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Calculate with values from pointers?
I really need some help with my program for calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) (Full program at the ...
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CloseHandle() ~ (Double Console Buffer)
Greetings, I was interested in having two buffers that I could swap between on the windows console....
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by Phiru
How to prevent sort of beep sound when..
When I presse Alt + F4 to close main dlg running, the Windows gives me like beep sound(it sounds l...
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by Phiru
How to create modal dlg in CWinapp?
Hi, I have a question. In CWinApp, InitInstance() func has those things. ... CMyDlg tdlg; m_pMa...
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Writing data on a file
Hi, I am working on a MFC application witch needs to store data on a file Here in my App #includ...
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by Elidor
Mingw linking problem
Hello, I'm having a problem running the MSDN's Learn to program windows module 1 program. It would s...
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Syntax Error: Declaring a vector of known size vectors
Good afternoon, I'm trying to declare scalable vectors of known size vectors. But everything I trie...
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Adding an MFC GUI to an existing command line program
Hey guys, I have a background in few different languages but I am kind of new to C++ and I am rea...
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Adding process
Hello ! I have a question I found on youtube keylogger code and I'm interested in is from 1:13 to...
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by purlek
Restart Program Function?
Hi, I've created a simple "Distance Calculator" for a game that I play frequently that uses grid/gra...
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Alpha blending on a transparent window.
Hi, I'm having trouble with my window. I've made a transparent window using the WS_EX_LAYERED. I ...
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How to connect c++ program with usb device
Hi people! I wonder how could I connect c++ program with usb device (the device is eizon n1, for tim...
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win32 programming
I was wondering what a good book or website is for learning win32 programming? In case win32 program...
[3 replies] Last: You're welcome. I'd recommend Petzold's Programming Windows if I had t... (by Ogoyant)
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