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is this bug or what ?
i wanted to make program that looks something like this
[16 replies] Last: ^thanks so much for taking ur time to check this will try now to fix t... (by Silvestar)
Child window ID's not recognized by GetDlgItem()
My code creates some windows that are children of the main app window. The child windows are assigne...
[2 replies] Last: So, HMENU is actually a pointer? I'd never guess it... Thank you very ... (by vorticidal)
PlaySound Windows 7
Hi, Can anyone help with a problem I've got with PlaySound running on Windows 7. I'm porting som...
[15 replies] Last: If you launch the exe from a service could be a problem with windows 7... (by modoran)
console exit event / file save
i have a list class that i need to save upon exit i cant figure out a way to do this using this meth...
[4 replies] Last: my question is how to access the list class from inside the ctrlhandle... (by aclark17)
by Jonno
Updating window with live info
I am using c++ Visual Studio Express and have written an application that allows a user to enter a v...
[2 replies] Last: Since you are monitoring a hardware variable, I guess there's no trigg... (by webJose)
referencing problem in C++
I have the following code in an existing C++ program with no classes: //*************************...
[6 replies] Last: I'm going to save this thread so I can refer to it in the future; alot... (by Gorlash)
Win32 STATIC controls background
This is my first time trying to build an interface with pure winapi, everything is going fine ex...
[5 replies] Last: COLOR_BACKGROUND is listed as a system color, so I guess you can do (C... (by webJose)
by zzmgd6
cli::array help please
Greetings, Having problem with multidimensional array for C++/CLI // Got a 2x3 array cli::...
[4 replies] Last: Not sure but pretty confident you can't use array:copy for multidimens... (by bobdabilder)
Removed, accepting answer
[3 replies] Last: Removed, accepting answer (by Chris12345)
strange error.
hello i'm learning SFML library and i picked a code from the tutorial. it opens a window and it shou...
[9 replies] Last: found what i did wrong. i had to put my DLL's in the debug file next t... (by gelatine)
win service error 1053
I made an window service it runs well on my machine,when i try'ed to run it on other machine which h...
[5 replies] Last: @modoran ya you are correct i viewed the exe in dependency walker it s... (by Tarun Batra)
c++ Enable Remote Desktop
hi every one ! how can i Enable Remote Desktop with c++ ?
[11 replies] Last: Sadly, it is like that with some people. In their ignorance (and don'... (by webJose)
http web request in c++ ?
http web request in c++ ?
[4 replies] Last: He just asked for web request, and there (link above) is nice "GET / H... (by tath)
Practice Scenarios
Does any one know where i can find beginner to intermediate c++ problems/ codes to edit for free?
[3 replies] Last: think of any program you would like to create and do it. Simple as tha... (by tath)
dllimport in C
Hi. I want to import a dll file in C.I tried this.But this is not true: #include <stdio.h> i...
[1 reply] : What does that code have to do with importing a DLL? All it does is p... (by kbw)
Timer error
#include<windows.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<conio.h> SYSTEMTIME st,lt; ...
[12 replies] Last: Does this start the stream playing asynchronously? videoSink->startPl... (by kbw)
How to use File operations when used createfile() to open a binary file
Hi, I have a problem to port the fopen and fclose and subsequent file operation calls to windows ca...
[2 replies] Last: [quote=kpk6880]I have a problem to port the fopen and fclose and subse... (by webJose)
Indexed Vertex Blending with the Direct3D Pipeline
Hello. I am currently working on a rendering engine which is meant to render character animations. R...
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by ahcfan
Edit pixels in a bitmap?
I want to load a 24 bit bitmap, search for specific colors and change them to other colors. GetPixel...
[3 replies] Last: Unsure where the problem is. I mean, there's a potential for corrupti... (by webJose)
upload a file by winAPI
hello every one. how i can upload a file by using win32 API? i wanna create an app like a Trojan. ...
[2 replies] Last: Here you may find White hat hacker but not a black one for sure (by CMinus)
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