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CODE help!
private: System::Void checkBox1_CheckedChanged(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { ...
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What is wrong with my code?
Here is my function. This is meant to keep the user from entering anything other than an integer. Fo...
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Multiple Windows Procedure
could someone just give me an example on how to make multiple window procedures? i just cant seem to...
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visual studio c++ exe
I have a question about visual studions C++, how do i get a exe file? can post code if needed
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Needing help with controls
I am needing some help with controls. Making a form, dragging controls onto it, and doing some VERY...
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Move Point in Picture Control MFC
In MFC dialogue based application,there is one condition in which random data received from file or ...
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Need help with codding
Hello to all. I am not a programmer, but i really want to make a shutdown timer for pc. I know there...
[1 reply] : you can do this all with windows native shutdown program. Open conso... (by tath)
Hello I want to program windows buttons, labels, text boxes, forms and etc with C++. But I want some...
[13 replies] Last: I would suggest to use Windows Presentation Foundation. It is simpler ... (by vlad from moscow)
New Here Need Help with Coding
Hey everyone, due to circumstances I wasn't able to attend my class and have fallen behind. I'm not ...
[1 reply] : There are multiple versions of sqrt. Each take a different type. One ... (by Disch)
licensing programmed software
When there is a licensing agreement for unlikely damages that could be caused by our own program the...
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x64 API hook help
Hi, I am trying to find valuable API hooking papers\tutorials under x64 on Windows. I need this for...
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File operation
I am doing a win32 application,in that iam opening a file & based on the sizeof that file i have to ...
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FileAlreadyExists, on Read Operation, via StgOpenStorage
Hello, first off I hope I'm delivering the topic properly. In short I'm having problems using a f...
[7 replies] Last: PS on the subject of zip files, I answered a related question here: W... (by andywestken)
Finding files from a directory
Hi,I am doing a win32 application, In that i want to find out files with 2 type of extension.".#a" &...
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How do I create an encrypted savegame reader/writer?
Hi, I'm programming a game in c++ using SFML and I'm looking for a way to save simple variables (flo...
[4 replies] Last: You can use any filetype you want. When you write it, make the name "S... (by Superdude)
Visual C++ Email Message Setup
Hi, I'm currently trying to make an application in Visual C++ 2010 that will include the ability to ...
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Clearing Windows App screen
so im rebuilding a console app i made that basically has your password stored in a text file, you lo...
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Help with making my own application
i would like someone to help me out with making my own application to be honest it shouldent be hard...
[4 replies] Last: And HTML5 video playback HTML media playback sample http://code.msdn.... (by andywestken)
Set unsigned character value to CString type edit control in mfc
In my MFC dialogue based application, I want to Read data through serial port and whatever data rece...
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Send/Receive data via a temporary server
I really want to make my own data sender/receiver, which the sender sends an amount of data to a tem...
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