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by S G H
Group of Radio Buttons
Any chance I'm able to enumerate the Radio Buttons controlled by a Group element? Like: B...
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by LA33R
Looping in Win32 GUI Applications
Hey Guys, I've been browsing this forum a while and decided to sign up, looks like a good place f...
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Typed array member of c++ typedef struct in ASP.NET
Hello, I am working on an ASP.NET application and have set it up so I can pass a struct from C++ ...
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by Elidor
MinGW and OpenGL
I know this is an extremely broad question but I've been going nuts trying to get the right setup fo...
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Help please
I need the code for alphabetic sorting..
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Need help with some code
Good day, Im not very familiar with C++ and Im having some problems with the next code.. class O...
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How to use hardware Drivers
Hi, i'am new with the Hardware Drivers interfacing. does anyone have good tutorial of how to impleme...
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Question on API to do a Graphical Tree Representation...
Hello, I was needing to review some Graduate Computer Science course material and thought a good ...
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Reasons why you studied win32
As a person who is still in the middle of c++ book for beginne, the only reason I know is for gui de...
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by ttj
win32 Snipping Tool-esque program problems
I want to recreate window's snipping tool and I'm referring to this topic:
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OpenGL/SDL Game Issue
Alright so I was following a tutorial, this tutorial to be exact:
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Draw line
Hello I have to draw a line that follows my mouse pointer over an image without changing the pict...
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Need help with a GUI checkbox
private: System::Void checkBox1_CheckedChanged(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { ...
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How to print out symbols only in WindowProcedure
How can I print out symbols in console after I pressed some keys? I have this code... case WM...
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by mrgesy
Tic Tac Toe Problem.
My Tic Tac toe Win32 game is malfunctioning. |............| |............| |............| |.......
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by plexus
Inverting windows screen
I'm searching for a method to invert the whole windows screen colors. At the lowest possible level i...
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Problem returning a char pointer
I am working on a simple name generator program. One part of my program has me clicking a button th...
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Help please !
I want to learn win32 :( , can you give a pdf book please :)
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x64 mixed code x86. Problem
Hi, I have been mixing x64 code in x86 applications. I need to include a whole function as a x64 ...
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learning windows and MFC
I took your advice and I used the learncpp tutorial and it was a very good learning tool. ...
[2 replies] Last: I went through my books last night and found MFC in one of them, Ivor ... (by newbieg)
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