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by lwells
Need help sending command to system
I am trying to find the path of my file, then pass the path onto a command I am sending to system co...
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Performance in C++ threads vs C# threads
I have been reading lots of articles regarding this issue but mosty of the articles are old 2009 or ...
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Hello, I couldn't find a good tutorial on making rebars, can anyone redirect me to one or explain he...
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beginning Windows Programming
Hey everyone, I am a beginer programmer in C (I have written in VB6 in the past). Evenually, I woul...
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by herold
My program can't detect when the device from COM port is disconnected.
Dear Friends, I'm writing one program in C which is communicating to Virtual Comport to send the com...
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by herold
Unable To create COM port in Windows 7 professional 32 bit
Unable to create open COM port 32 by CreatFile() function of "windows.h". It works fine in Windows 7...
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by gal066
hi, I need to decompress oki-adpcm data to pcm (4 bits will become to 16). Data is taken from sock...
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How to make Exe for application independent of developing system
Hi, i Developed a win32 application with visual studio 2008.I copied the exe file of that applicati...
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File types Used in Programs
I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the resources available in programming for Windows, b...
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