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by avboag
DirectX 11 xnamath.h
I tried to run an example from some book using DirectX 11. I downloaded directX SDK, and copied xna...
[1 reply] : I don't think MinGW supports Directx SDK at all. Please use Visual Stu... (by modoran)
Working with CreateFile()
Hi, I'm having trouble with opening and reading text from a file. I'm not getting any errors at this...
[2 replies] Last: I was worried about the char/wchar thing. I am using wchar because fro... (by newbieg)
About C++ MFC CButton Asynchronous
Dear all, I am very new to C++ with MFC Programming. I am doing a school project which is to b...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks all of you. I am going to learn about threading first before I ... (by Allen Ho)
mysql update problem
Hey all, I am beginner in mysql and i have some problem with update in mysql C++. I am checked foru...
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by Skynet
How to sort through a file
I have this file that I open up in this format ********************************************** Nu...
[3 replies] Last: fileObject is input istream or can be fstream as well. stringObject i... (by writetonsharma)
displaying only true items
i have been writing this script, for someone. but i cant figure out the smallest thing i need hel...
[1 reply] : - I suggest you use code tags(the "<>" button) when you post your code... (by thejman250)
by Skynet
How can I break up this into variables?
Consider the following input. I have this. Rooms: foyer snakepit treasure room mountain crys...
[4 replies] Last: Well the thing is, I would be I have trouble with the input. How exact... (by Skynet)
Resource file with Code Blocks
I am learning Win32 programming, and I am stuck with resources. Can someone guide me on good tutoria...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, they are not. Thanks! :) (by subbu0306)
Problem with 2 text file contents string compare
Trying to compare the contents of 2 files, and if they match return(0); and exit, but if they dont m...
[5 replies] Last: @OP What are you trying to do ? Writing current date to a file using s... (by modoran)
Storing elapsed time in an array then find min, max, average and standard dev
#include <iostream> #include <stack> #include <ctime> std::stack<clock_t> tictoc_stack; void...
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who can run batch
now ,I develope a app on xp ,i run it on server2003.It can run normally .when i use app to invoke a ...
[6 replies] Last: The batch is : ..................... echo off find "abc" a.txt paus... (by yangjie)
How to create a RPC packet
Hi, I am learning Windows Networking , lower level , and I am interested in learning about how to...
[1 reply] : DCOM uses RPC, just use a DCOM service. (by kbw)
by klay2
need help with rouglike game dev walking through walls!!??
Hello I am new to these forums and need help, I walking through walls. I found its the if statements...
[4 replies] Last: If you want you can email me at ill show you my o... (by huike)
How can I texture a D3DXCreateBox on direct3d???
How can I texture a D3DXCreateBox??? Or at least add colour because now it's white (1) for no...
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Timing program
Hi there I need to build a program that will do the following: I need it to have a button that...
[1 reply] : Well, You can always make a Thread which is a timer and as soon as the... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
[Simple Anti-Virus] Botnet Killer [EPIC]
Hi, I have been recently been infected with a Bot , a Malicious Botnet, called the Barracuda Bot wh...
[2 replies] Last: well Barracuda Bot tends to create different entries depending on what... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
by Ammarb
Find precise batter status
Hello everyone! I am working on an application that requires me to find the battery life of computer...
[4 replies] Last: Alright, wouldn't BatteryLifeTime, and BatteryFullTime be apart of WMI... (by Ammarb)
mysql help
Hey all, I am beginner in mysql and i have some problem with update in mysql C++. I am checked foru...
[1 reply] : no replies? :) (by kulitafak)
How can I move more than one object on direct3d?
Ok basically I'm new to direct3d and have made a triangle pyramid (with texture) and also a sphere b...
[1 reply] : You can combine the scaling, rotation and translation matrices into a... (by cgdevnet)
Help need
Hello Everyone, How are you ? I have taken a new computer and I have no experience about windows 7,...
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