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by jps1x2
Creating Custom Simple Mapi DLL, throws error when executing
Hi all, i am new here in forum. i am creating small dll to intercept simple mapi calls and sen...
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by Elidor
WinApi GUI builder?
Hello I'd just like to ask if anyone knows of any GUI builders out there for WinApi C like there is ...
[5 replies] Last: When it comes to Visual Studio and the Win32 API, the resource editor ... (by andywestken)
Linking error (undefined reference to ...)
I know the title is general and is not informative enough. I have a program which uses openimageio ...
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newb question:MSG struct? C++
im realy new to windows.h i was wondering if i could have an explanation of what is the MSG handle ...
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Problem with Scintilla library
I have problem with calling this function Scintilla_RegisterClasses() Compiler gives me this erro...
[6 replies] Last: Do you want to use Scintilla as a DLL or link to it statically? If yo... (by andywestken)
Sending a file to email
Hello, basically what i am looking for is a way to send a file to email using c++ I don't need an...
[4 replies] Last: ... Or you can create a Download a decent Webserver then assign it a S... (by SpaceWorm)
by Cer
Parsing XML file in MFC
Hi everyone, I have a problem with parsing file XML in MFC, so Could you all help me for ex : i ha...
[2 replies] Last: ... or TinyXML. (by kbw)
How to set up opengl stuff in codeblock?
I have tried many tutorials to set up opengl, but none of them work... Any suggestion of good tutori...
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How to design graphical component using GDI+
Hi, I want to know that how create graphical components using GDI+ like i have a box which will h...
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_beginthread; How do I pass member function as parameter?
Here's my function: void Incoming(socketDataStruct *socketData); ..and here's how I try to pas...
[3 replies] Last: PS Just noticed you using a cast when calling _beginthread. It is sa... (by andywestken)
i need help with my programming assignment?!
ok i have a to do a code for a polybius and im stuck at trying to write this, i have a 6x6 square v...
[1 reply] : Do it yourself and come back when you've had a go and run into problem... (by ausairman)
How do I create an array in an amp restricted function?
I'm using VC++11 and would like to know how I can create an array of arbitrary length in an amp rest...
[5 replies] Last: That function is not amp-restricted, so it won't work either. I think ... (by ausairman)
Screen capture is only running in debug mode
Hi guys, i'm a c++ beginner and i've copy this code from an example: /*screen capture example...
[3 replies] Last: @falkinator Local variables are allocated automatically , rather tha... (by andywestken)
Use std::string with Win32 API?
Ok so i was trying to pass the buffer from ReadFIle() to a std::string like so. string sBuffer; ...
[7 replies] Last: Actually, as some has pointed out to me on another thread, VC++ have b... (by andywestken)
Create high priority process
I have an application which starts a bunch of other processes. I need one of these processes to be ...
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Getting the Width of a Window
Hi, I need the width of a window. I try to do this as follows: LPRECT tarWnd = 0; GetClientR...
[5 replies] Last: If you think about a bit more... The signature of GetClientRect is: ... (by andywestken)
recv function freezes
i've been working same code as in this tutorial: code...
[8 replies] Last: okay, I fixed send function (and updated server code, and the problem ... (by Silvestar)
I need help!
This question has been resolved. Thank you for all your help. I'm trying to create a game using A...
[10 replies] Last: I did not understand this part: 5. If you want to, you can cast the... (by closed account L0Shb7Xj)
MASM \ C++ x86 to x64 help
Hi, Sorry, for a short burst of question recently. I have been doing my project very much and I am...
[4 replies] Last: To tell you more about this project to give you a understanding on why... (by SpaceWorm)
Creating a thumbnail
hello everyone I am trying to get thumbnail from a file,the same icons you see in windows explorer....
[3 replies] Last: Cool! But you need to rework the way you handle errors a bit, as you ... (by andywestken)
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