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OpenGL printing using Directx form
I have a dll that draws a triangel in OpenGL form through a method "GlutCreateWindow("Name of the WI...
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Difference between GetClientRect() & GetWindowRect()
Sir, Please tell me the difference between GetClientRect() & GetWindowRect() function
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CreateDC fails The Printer Name is invalid
Hi all if I use a printer on a home network, then CreateDC fails. If I use a printer on the local...
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PLC Resources Needed!
Hi, I am learning C++ & Programming SCADA Systems Through Windows and I made a simple PLC software ...
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Disabling rezing of window
hello, In my application Defualt window should be maximized & it should not be rezized(ie how to di...
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MFC: how set context menu checked?
here's my menu bar: Element --> Line, Rect... It get checked each time I choose one Element. I copy...
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VS 2012 MFC context menu
before 2012 I just modify the C**App::OnPreLoadState() part, initial it has a edit context menu, and...
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application with a custom window interfaces(skinnable)
I am trying to learn how to draw a custom UI for window ( like CyberlinkpowerDVD ,JetAudio, AIMP and...
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MFC: how to create a NULL BRUSH
here's part of my class code, the problem is that I can create a null brush, the BS_NULL can't be a ...
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scrollview issue on win7 environment
We are currently maintaining a Windows application (MFC). Which retrieves data from an XML files. ...
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How To Get Rid of Null Terminator In Pointer For WriteFile Function
Hello and thank you! I am attempting to send the character 'a' to a microcontroller. Although I am s...
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SendInput and GetAsyncKeyState
Hello, I'm trying to do something simple: I want to press a key on the keyboard like "F1" or "Escape...
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by helton
Captura de tags XML usando c++
Ola Galera Bom Dia! Estou desenvolvendo um sistema que recebe XML do servidor, essa parte ja está ...
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Would this Work?THEORY ONLY!
Hi, Just to inform you, guys this is not related to do with Code or such but a simple question on...
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How can I make a struct containing vectors ready for AMP?
So I've read through the C++ AMP tutorials and I've started rewriting a neural net algorithm to atte...
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ShellExecuteEx not launching exe
I am using regular C++, not Visual C++. I need to run an exe as admin from my C++ application. The C...
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Can I use user-defined types with C++ AMP?
Hi everyone, I posted this on the MSDN Forums (
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animation blinker effect
Here's my code so far(copy and paste it to see what it does). #include <iostream> #include <conio...
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by QIZI94
DLL exporting problem
Hello guys,I have problem with exporting a non-class function from dll. //dll project namespace...
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third party Lib's dll's and Header files
Hello, I am new to programming. I am working on a project that has third party Lib's dll's and He...
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