Windows Programming - May 2014

by jwilt
assembly language help
not sure if this is the right place for assembly language but if anyone could help at all it would b...
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win32 - the accelator key
we have controls(like buttons) and we can use the prefix '&'. how can i activate the accelerator key...
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about bit flags and keyboard
the WM_KEYUP\WM_KEYDOW\WM_CHAR messages are for control the keyboard. and the WPARAM give us the key...
[14 replies] Last: the RegisterHotKey() 4th argument can't be combined. so the GetAsyncK... (by Disch)
C++/CLI Form Application Compiling Issues
Okay, so I can compile a C++/CLI form application fine if I set the RunTime Library inside of Code G...
[10 replies] Last: Try having the user install the Microsoft redistributable package on t... (by naraku9333)
Can't get rich edit to show on Win32 app
Hi, I am trying to place a rich edit on a Win32 app; the rich edit does not show. I have googled ri...
[2 replies] Last: tath, Thank you. Fixing the values on lines 59 and 103 fixed everythi... (by MsPhelix)
Opening a Windows Help file
Hi, How do I open a Windows help file from a menu? I'm using Netbeans. Thx FC
[3 replies] Last: Use ShellExecute CHM file directly. Alternatively, use HtmlHelp functi... (by modoran)
by gudeh
How to change the 'keystate'
Hey there, I don't understand much about windows programing, though I'd like to make a program that ...
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Windows Form Programming
Hi , i want to ask you guys if i need to know windows form programming also if it usefull in pro...
[1 reply] : For what it's worth, I'm an old UNIX guy. When I need to write a Windo... (by dhayden)
How to read from files with windows.h?
So, I am gonna keep trying, I haven't done this in a while and forgot how to do it, but anyway, I am...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, I was gonna do fstream, but I felt like trying to be elaborate and... (by AceDawg45)
How do I load and display bitmap resources?
Hi, I've made a bitmap spritesheet of all the sprites for my game which is located in ".\\Sprites\\...
[4 replies] Last: Could you give an example of how to load a bitmap to memory, clip it s... (by shadowmouse)
by Garion
Loading Text File to Edit Control
Hello It's been a few months since I've tried to learn something for programming and figured I'd ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks.. you were correct and I had mixed up the open and save functio... (by Garion)
DrawText() called but doesn't display its text
Hi, I have a case WM_PAINT in my WndProc() function that correctly displays some text. first in my...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! That did it. However the InvalidateRect() call needs a thi... (by MsPhelix)
Hello! My name is Dawood Rehman and I am 18 years old. I have been programming in C++ for an entire ...
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RadioGroup with Memo
Hello everybody :) I'm writing small application about mileage of Polish roads. I'm using C++Builder...
[1 reply] : if ( lista == NULL) delete Lista; Lista... (by tath)
Getting multdimensional array as input and returning a const unsigned char as output
Hi, I am trying to create a class to get the input as multidimensional array from another class as ...
[1 reply] : dont manipulate vector by index the way you do - it is unsafe and er... (by tath)
How to have a button that does something?
So, I have a text edit box (hEdit; HMENU is "IDC_MAINEDIT") and a button (button; HMENU is "IDC_MAIN...
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by WeK
EXE built with VS2013 Toolset v120_xp crashes on Win 2003 Server ?
Hi, in VS 2013 I've created a new MFC application with the VS MFC Assistant with default options. T...
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by Warnax
Hi, can someone give me link, or write functions of this header? I dont want links to WinApi, I want...
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Why Printing gets Slowed when using GDI Print API Functions
I am using these GDI Print API functions StartDoc,StartPage,EndPage,EndDoc . step 1:StartDoc(hdc...
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Error using armadillo with code blocks
I am using mingw compiler in codeblocks. When I compile my code it is compiled perfectly. However...
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