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DWORD dwFlags = pItemData->sBasicOp.dwFlags; CString szFlag; if( dwFlags ) { ...
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CTEXT control with multi-line text
Hi, I have a modal dialog that uses CTEXT to display a short line of text just fine. However, I re...
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by Waras
2d char array in win32?
hello, I'm trying to create a simple game in win32, but the problem I have is don't know how to conv...
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C++ Get File Details From File?
Hello To All! I made an anti-cheat dll i wanna add some functions for protection , i will enum all ...
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how to run msdn code
private: void InitializeMyButton() { // Create and initialize a Button. Button...
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Windows 95/98/ME paging file vs x86 paging?
When you turn off paging in windows (95/98/me), does this also turn off the paging feature in the x8...
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GNU Gettext and windows localization
Hi all - I've been using gettext library in my MSVC-compiled application (x86) using these inst...
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I really need help
Hi. I have created a text editor. Everything works fine except there is this text file when i load i...
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Change location of control in runtime.
Hello, im trying to make label to follow my mouse cursor while my left mouse button is down. How ...
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Beginner who needs help
I'm trying to create a program but have no idea how to start. I do have one part of the code but not...
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passing parameters to a file
I was wondering how you could pass parameters to a program? e.g: dir /O I was wondering how ...
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String Format PRIu64
I am working on cRTMPServer, however the documentation is sparse and the Google Groups page is also ...
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help SFML
how to setup the SFML 2.1 in c++?.... i new in SFML need help..
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by Son
Hey guys... :) I am trying to use the WM_RBUTTONDOWN message but I can't!!! It seems like I haven't ...
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Winsock2 Threads blocking each other
hi guys, i have a program with two threads. Both of them use a Winsock2 udp socket to send data. ...
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Accessing private mambers from different class.
For example i have two files: 1: "Form1.h" 2: "Form2.h" How to access Form2 class private membe...
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Can someone translate this to english?
19.356 1.292.60 Can someone please translate to me in english what this code here does thanks >:)...
[1 reply] : It's already in english xd (by Favor98)
Visual Studio won't read text files?
So I'm developing in C++ with the latest version of Visual Studio Desktop, however it refuses to ope...
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Img model display
I got a question but I don't really know how to ask it, hopefully I'll be able to explain it as best...
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by brick2
spaces file names c++
I am aware that this question has been asked over and over again, but I just can get it to work, I w...
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