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Experienced WIN 32 C++ API
I had a programmer to write a software for me in WIN 32 C++, utilizing a third party API function ca...
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How to open a New window
Hi C++ Forums, I am making a simple program which opens a New Window when a correct Password is Ent...
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HBITMAP to .net Bitmap through PInvoke
0 down vote favorite i am trying to use unmanaged code from managed code i would like to p...
[2 replies] Last: How about the GetHbitmap() method of Bitmap? Bitmap.GetHbitmap Metho... (by andywestken)
Play AVI with sound
Does WindowsAPI support play AVI (frame bitmaps and sound)? If yes, which code that is used to play ...
[10 replies] Last: Newer versions of Windows Media Player use Media Foundation as well as... (by andywestken)
GUI Windows Program Download
This program took 3 months to develop and is now ready to be tested by other users. The purpose of ...
[3 replies] Last: So, please attach your executable file a screenshot example please. Mo... (by Imadatobanisa)
Hello World Problem
Hey guys, I'm having a problem with running hello world #include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
[8 replies] Last: Recompile with the 32-bit version of MinGW. (by Ogoyant)
by axxun
Beta Anyone? Try out the new code-free axxun® app development system
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by raduh
Help with windows programming
Hi! I have some experience with the c++ programming language and I started to read an old book, "How...
[3 replies] Last: I strongly recommend you track down a more recent book. Firstly, mode... (by andywestken)
windows Xp
waxaad halana ka halaysaa programming ugu danbeeyey indhaca Xp
[1 reply] : Quite possibly but who can tell for sure. (by closed account z05DSL3A)
How to Change Visibility of TextBoxes depending on ComboBox Selection?
I want certain textboxes to become visible depending on the selection that is made in the comboBox b...
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r6034 runtime error!!!!
Okay I've been trying to learn programming for months and all kinds of setbacks are holding me back....
[3 replies] Last: There's a fundamental difference between a compiler error and a runtim... (by Athar)
dont understand my error here.
So I'm working on a school project and i have a couple classes. In one of my classes, lets call it "...
[2 replies] Last: Sounds like your BlueLine class is declared before the Passengers clas... (by ajh32)
Help with DataViewGrid
I'm trying to make a System::Form Data View Grid that looks something like this: http://img713.imag...
[3 replies] Last: Well, if you want C# advise, you might want to ask on a more appropria... (by andywestken)
Problems with D3DXCOLOR() In DirectX 11
So I would first like to say i'm still quite new at d3d11 so sorry if this is quite a stupid questio...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, a little research on my part right now shows pretty much the same... (by Ogoyant)
Creatinbg desktop shortcuts using the Boost Library
Is there any way I can use the boost library to create shortcuts? Thank you.
[2 replies] Last: Athar's link points at code which shows you how to create a Shell link... (by andywestken)
If my program is running in C:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\MyProgram\Wawa\program.exe, how do I get it to ac...
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BinaryReader -> BinaryWriter
Hi all. I'm making a program with many variables read from a file. It is a large project for me. ...
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Visual C++ 2010 - Unmanged C calling managed c++ dll
Hi, I'm a C / C++ noob, but have been a software engineer for 28 years. I just started a new job, a...
[18 replies] Last: PS A C translation of the COM solution in How to call a managed DLL f... (by andywestken)
by asra
need help in c++ program
Hi everyone.. i am having trouble in making a logic of the following series, help me out! i need...
[1 reply] : The top number starts at 1 and goes up by 4 each time. The bottom num... (by Moschops)
by hjazz
Using fstream to open a file that is created only during runtime
Hi, I'm using Visual C++ 6.0 and I'm trying to use fstream to open and read a file that is create...
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