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[Win32API] Load TGA Image?
is it possible? no conversions, normally load TGA image just like bitmap, I searched on google but f...
[8 replies] Last: This is a very small library that can load .tga images and gives you a... (by modoran)
[Win32API] Edit Control and EN_CHANGE help
so I have this code which basically finds any "-" except in first place and adds endstring there, th...
[3 replies] Last: thanks! (by mekkatorqu)
SendInput putting the system to sleep?
I'm at a loss to explain this one. I'm trying to figure out the proper use of the SendInput functio...
[3 replies] Last: Hey, it seems to have worked! Thanks for the help. (by Some Moron)
Getting text from a dialog edit control
Hello. I'm having trouble with trying to get text from an edit control within a modaless dialog box....
[1 reply] : This post is marked as resolved but there's no written indication of i... (by webJose)
Windows Forms - Black Scholes Calculator Trouble (1,2)
I am attempting to build a basic windows forms application that takes several parameters and calcula...
[21 replies] Last: Why not just ask your professor? (by rholowczak)
Can some one convert this VB code to VC++
I found this code to move form through panels, but i want this code in c++, as i am null in vb i...
[6 replies] Last: i need them in C++/CLI ,and thanks for helping through, i nearly compl... (by unkn00wn)
[Win32API] Interactive Static Text?
how do I make something happen when I click on Static Text/Control ?
[2 replies] Last: thanks! :) (by mekkatorqu)
by lmsmi1
Win32 Program with Controls
I can't find a C++ code anywhere that includes checkboxes, radio buttons, a menu bar, drop-down menu...
[5 replies] Last: Just go through the tutorial. It is progressive and you'll eventually... (by webJose)
by lyn18
matrix calculator
i hope i'm in the right place to ask this problem. i want to find inverse, upper triangular and dete...
[5 replies] Last: thank you. it's quite different from my codes but i'll try this code... (by lyn18)
by lyn18
switch problem
this is part of the codes for my matrix problem. when i run the codes, only Inverse matrix is worki...
[no replies]
by TTT
Determine profile from image
Hi, I have .JPG image, can anyone tell how can I determine if the man is left or right profile on i...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks all for help (by TTT)
Lock a file
Hi, I want to in one process - lock a file - Read it via xerces-c - delete it I have tri...
[2 replies] Last: I have no any Idea right now :( (by Gabriellem)
How to disable Memory leak detector in Visual C 2010 ? (1,2)
Hi every body, My visual studio VC IDE 2010 has enabled Memory leak detector by default (I find it ...
[25 replies] Last: @kbw: here is the whole project files: (by kalenko)
Nonmally I program in perl, but now decided to write some network programs in c++. But im having som...
[2 replies] Last: yezzz thank you ver much. (by tenny1204)
COM within a COM
Hi, Im new to C++, but have created an ATL COM project in which I want to use the methods, properti...
[1 reply] : A COM component can only be reused by means of Aggregation or containm... (by webJose)
I am managing to get the data scanned (ie: the image) via a scanning device, however I want to get t...
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i need help understnading the project......
You are to design, implement, and then experiment with a program to simulate the memory management...
[2 replies] Last: You'll hardly find someone that would read all that and then answer yo... (by webJose)
by Xarzu
I have issues with the C# WebBrowser class
I have issues with the C# WebBrowser class I have a C# WPF application which uses a WebBrowser cl...
[1 reply] : This is a C++ forum, not a C# forum. Ask your question @ http://socia... (by webJose)
by Gajdar
Logging screen clicks
Here's a totally retro question for the group. A client has a series of set-up screens that have to ...
[1 reply] : Google up about mouse hooks to answer your question, but you must know... (by webJose)
by modic
How do you make header files?
I'm not talking about just a text file with code, I mean a header file containing functions C++ or ...
[1 reply] : There is actually no intrinsic difference between the two, as far as h... (by Ogoyant)
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