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Unable to get hwnd of button inside a tab dialog - MFC
I am working on getting the hwnd by using the mouse cursor pointing on button/statictext. The proble...
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Create .exe which opens a URL
Hi, I have just recently posted the following topic:
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must inline a template member function ?
Hi dear all, take a look at following code // test.h struct test { template<typename ...ARGS> vo...
[4 replies] Last: must inline a template note that making a template "visible" (by put... (by malibor)
by ruzip
Switching between DLL and static library
I am trying to switch my #defines between dllexport, dllimport and a static library. The problem is ...
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DirectX and C++
Hey everyone, I have been wondering that Are frameworks/libraries/toolkits (or whatever you call...
[3 replies] Last: Is directdraw / 2d branch still in directx? directdraw is deprecated... (by malibor)
Review my first program please
Review my first program please I can't see any program or code, except some pseudo formula which i...
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i don't know what a read access violation is?
i have done research on the internet. i can't find a straight answer. what is a read access violat...
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Mac vs Windows for Programming
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I am trying to get an EDITTEXT resource to show up. I created the resource file and the resource hea...
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