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by Hit
gdi obsolete?
is GDI or GDI+ obsolete? is it safe to skip and just learn the user & kernel for win32? I don't w...
[1 reply] : is GDI or GDI+ obsolete? is it safe to skip and just learn the user &... (by codekiddy)
Direct x c++
Does anyone know of any way to use directX 9 with dev-c++ i had recently bought a book on...
[5 replies] Last: You're welcome gsizzle10, nice to know this helped you out! Ogoyant (by Ogoyant)
Large textarea?
Hello! I'm very new to C++ especially the Windows API. I have a background in web developement (ht...
[1 reply] : Obtain the parent window's client area dimensions using GetClientRect(... (by webJose)
Problem with graphics.h and eclipse cdt
Hi: I'm trying to create a program using graphics.h (from here
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First Time Posting Sorry
I needed to create a volume program, pretty simple. But I find two errors, in my while loop and in m...
[3 replies] Last: Sorry about that Maxim, my first time posting. And Thanks Codewalker,... (by MOSKing)
wcscpy_s crash
Hi all, I gotta problem using wcscpy_s(first time using it), I guess I'm just doint it wrong, as sa...
[9 replies] Last: I saw the "Buffer is too small" in debug, but I couldn't get rid of it... (by Patlegroin)
Sound recording
Hello everybody! First of all, sorry for my english - I'm from Ukraine. I have next task: record so...
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by plomax
Borland fault offset
My "AppHandler" is crashing on one of our live servers. It is built with BCB6 (I also have XE2 but t...
[1 reply] : I don't know much about debugging, but I do know that Visual Studio co... (by webJose)
by raze
Convert "file" to PDF
Hello! I am searching for a library that can convert files (mostly images and text documents - wo...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for your answers. Much appreciated! :) (by raze)
stdlib.h Borland C++ & VC++
Hey guys, Foremost, thanks for the help with my previous questions. Quick background, I have a...
[1 reply] : As you guessed, the C++ standard dictates that stdlib.h be the same as... (by Moschops)
Selecting files
How do you make the window that let you select files to open up in C++. I'm not sure what the pro...
[4 replies] Last: It is supposed to first read MSDN documentation for every windows func... (by modoran)
trying to build an app with MSVC
Hi - I have a very small app that I developed with MinGW. I now want to try to make the code port...
[13 replies] Last: Beautiful...thanks for the help. (by mzimmers)
Creating a Label with Transparent Background
Hey Everybody, I'm a new convert from Visual Basic 6.0 to C++. I'd like to create a Windows app t...
[1 reply] : Oops. Never mind. I found the error. I thought I was creating a label,... (by dominicanjb)
Random Error Messaging from switch statement?
Hello all, I'm testing getting text from edit controls and what not with win32 (no MFC), and eve...
[10 replies] Last: I solved the problem (with getting text from the Edit Control). Appare... (by xanimeangiex)
by scout
Capture window change
Hello; I have a simple gui application that should act according to desktop windows changes inclu...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, if I am understanding you you want your program to be able to clos... (by NanoBytes)
Bug in rand()
There is a bug in the implementation of rand() for Visual C++ 10 (probably others) and it does not g...
[17 replies] Last: Actually, this is even worse. Since one only generates 32767 possible... (by joem5636)
Converting Decimal to Binary
when converting Decimal to Binary we use the largest power to 2 and substraction to do it. but in de...
[3 replies] Last: why converting dec to bin can't use each dec correspond 4 digits bina... (by andywestken)
std::vector whose type is a locally defined struct -- could this be done in a better way?
I am using a std::vector whose type is a locally defined struct. The program compiles fine and testi...
[2 replies] Last: I see, thank you Cubbi, I appreciate the feedback. So if I did somet... (by Ogoyant)
programming MFC...Keep getting this error for these lines of code FILE * fstPayroll; UpdateDat...
[9 replies] Last: re tchar.h stuff. Actually, I was just re-restating modoran's suggest... (by andywestken)
VS and Eclipse software confusion
I'm a beginner, I only learned some C++. In the Visual studio, there are so many project types, lik...
[7 replies] Last: Whether compilers support it or not isn't really the point. There's a... (by kbw)
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