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Please can anyone tell me bit by bit how to install and make DEVC++ work with QT Please thanks in Ad...
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Resize Window
Alright, so I'm trying to make it so when you press space it will resize the current Window. But wh...
[3 replies] Last: Kinda figured it out, used SetWindowPos to do it. (by Callum5042)
password enterance in c++
Hey i am trying to build a secure console app to store all the usernames and passwords at one place ...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <conio.h> using namesp... (by andywestken)
Sort Bitset
Trying to reverse a binary.
[3 replies] Last: Erm, use 7 instead of 8 in the above code...? (by Zhuge)
Trouble creating a Direct3D Device
Hello, I am writing a simple Direct3D program. Using message boxes I have isolated the point where m...
[3 replies] Last: In line 2 you write if (d3d = NULL) which (as I'm sure you know) eff... (by Ogoyant)
I'm new, how do I code? :3
Hello Everyone, I'm just going to tell you that I am 14 years old and have never coded in my life. ...
[10 replies] Last: Just for clarity, the concept of a C++ 'for' loop is referred to in th... (by Ogoyant)
Text Editor...
is there any way i could make a text editor in c++??
[3 replies] Last: That link everybody here gives to folks wanting to learn Api coding ha... (by freddie1)
How to we get Apache port number
Hi, How do we get running Apache port number in my c++ program. any idea? thanks,
[2 replies] Last: +1 kbw. Specifically "netstat -a -b" to show all connections AND liste... (by Computergeek01)
is there a way to open and read a file than write the same file but in a different name maybe? ...
[7 replies] Last: Edit: I see that sloppy9 has already mentioned this! is there a way ... (by andywestken)
long double: from mac to windows..
Hi all, I hope I can do a question about C programming in this forum; otherwise I apologize. I ...
[4 replies] Last: thanks (by Sandro Gallo)
C++ MFC Property Wnd - Get changed property
I'm currently starting to learn MFC, and I'm now in the process of learning the property window....
[1 reply] : From what I just looked up ( MSDN ) - the WPARAM holds the ID of th... (by guestgulkan)
DX surface to HBITMAP
Hi guys Ok this is my last resort as repeated google searches either give me the opposite or noth...
[2 replies] Last: because the application ( MS flightsimX) doesnt provide a way to draw ... (by Narutokun)
MS VC++: Theres Absolutely no way to learn...... (1,2)
I have searched far and wide for some sort of tutorial (not video), or reference 'encyclopedia' on h...
[21 replies] Last: Actually, you are trying making your app in the "Sponsored" way - whic... (by S G H)
VS -> VS 2010
So, my issues is this: I've got some code that was written on vs, and I have VS 2010 Ultima...
[9 replies] Last: I don't know what that * means. Try this please. For each project in... (by kbw)
by deXo
Shadow under homemade menus
You see them everywhere. Office 2003 uses them, most programs with a custom user interface have them...
[6 replies] Last: Okay, but I also tried CS_DROPSHADOW on non-child windows, and it stil... (by deXo)
by zydgyy
about vs2012 and class static member
In my solution there are two projects,one is used as dll project,and one is client. in my dll a cla...
[2 replies] Last: In addition to what what Aceix said - You will have to EXPORT the s... (by guestgulkan)
by Aceix
Using Scroll Bars
Hi, I'm trying to use a scroll bar(this is my first time) in my programme, but it does not display ...
[1 reply] : Never mind...problem SOLVED!!!--Yeah! The changed areas(if anyone car... (by Aceix)
(Solved) Boost compiler errors on Windows (7) using Codeblocks
Found some instructions on
[1 reply] : For more info:, (by Aceix)
System Vs STD
I am thinking about getting more into c++ GUI and was wondering what the "norm" is. Specifically on ...
[3 replies] Last: "easy" is a subjective term. There are certainly ways to do GUIs with... (by Disch)
Winsock SMTP
I googled this quite a bit to no avail, so I'm not sure if it's possible, but I was wondering: Is...
[4 replies] Last: SMS != to SMTP it does not use TCP\IP. You would need to contact a gat... (by Computergeek01)
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