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MS SQL 2008 R2 with ODBC
I have a small application based on WINAPI from which I need to connect to MS SQL Server 2008 R2 thr...
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Change maker penny shy
//THE CHALLENGE // ME #include <iostream> #include <math.h> using namespace std; ...
[1 reply] : just tried multiplying them all by 100 as well, still has error (by hoboxwarrior)
I'm out of ideas (directx11) So I've been on project to create a simple triangle in d...
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How to detect if a USB or CD or any other drive is inserted using c++???
Hi all, How to detect if a USB or CD or any other drive is inserted using c++??? I want to detect ...
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Why does this not work?
Edit* Sorry I will post the question somewhere else.
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In the name of Allah Hi We are going to start a new project like with many more features...
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Problems with a keyboard shortcut
Hello, Lately I have been trying hard to solve my problem. I try do deny a key combination of Wi...
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i'm getting this error in turbo c++, how to rectify it?
Thread stopped D:\Users\HOME\Desktop\cpp iaf project\CPP PROJECT.exe: Fault: access violation at...
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Hai everyone. I am new to this forum. You can also share your latest updated details here.
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Trying to add icon
I am trying to add a icon to a C++ project in eclipse to the exe itself.
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Hi all, How will you list all ONLY the files in the entire drive? for example, I want to print th...
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All Links from host website
Hi, I was just doing some homework on C++, totally unrelated stuff to what I'm about to talk about w...
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Tic tac toe
in my class we have to create a tic tac toe game and im struggling in the class and not know how to ...
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How to run a program as SYSTEM using c++???
Hi all, How to run a program as SYSTEM using c++??? Thankyou everyone in advance!!! :)
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by Asdero
Unresolved external
hi guys i had no idea of what is going on here ... i have file a ConnectionHeader.h: #ifndef ...
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Hi guys. I have downloaded qt library and qt creator am having a problem instaln the library i have ...
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by aaavvv
From desktop to webserver
Hello all, I wrote a program on C++ (it's a small .exe utility for converting files from one form...
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STandalone Exe File runing on older versions of Windows
So I have a project that compiles and runs great on Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2010. My problem is...
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Win32 Tutorials
Does anyone know where i can find some good Win32 Tutorials (by good i mean that they explain what e...
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PING program help.
Not quite shur if this belongs in beginner or not, because im not exactly a C++ pro yet but this is ...
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